Friday, December 23, 2016

Central Valley Triathlon Club News

Central Valley Triathlon Club has some exciting things happening in 2017. 
  • New sponsor
  • New quarterly training programs for new athletes
  • Annual dues (ok, maybe this isn’t what you would call exciting)
  • New kits
  • New website
  • Special deals with local vendors

But First...A Little More About Triathlons

New Sponsor

If you’ve done any kind of running races around Stockton or Modesto, or if you’ve shopped at either of his Fleet Feet stores, you know Tony Vice. What you may not know about Tony is that he is more than just a runner, he is also a triathlete. 2016 marked his return to triathlons and a renewed interest in promoting the sport.

What this mean for Central Valley Triathlon Club is we now have a major sponsor for the team and it is going to open a lot of doors for us in terms of organization, training and racing. While many in our club attend the Tuesday night runs at Fleet Feet in Stockton , these runs will now be a designated club workout. Our club is all about the social aspect and this gives us one more opportunity to get together.

Tuesday night runs

Central Valley Triathlon Club is extremely fortunate to have Fleet Feet Stockton/Modesto as a sponsor and to have Tony as an active club member.

New Quarterly Training Program

In the past, we called our training program “Triathlon 101”. In 2017 the name is changing to “Tri Fit” and will be offered through Twin Arbors Athletic Club in Lodi. Not a member of the club, no worries, you don’t have to be. “Tri Fit” will be a fixed price that will give new athletes access to coached swim practices (on designated days/times), group workouts including running and cycling sessions, and triathlon specific lessons including open water swimming, navigating transition, and what to wear.

WARNING! Coach James likes to swim!

Annual Dues & Monthly Fee Structure

In the past, Coach James paid the club’s administrative fees (ie insurance) out of his own pocket. We had talked about collecting an annual membership fee last year, but that idea never got off the ground. This year, we have our banking lined up and are also looking into accepting payments through PayPal.

In a nut shell, the annual dues are going to be $40 a year. If you are a new athlete and sign up for “Tri Fit”, your dues are waived for the first year. The annual membership dues will allow you to join the club on group rides and running activities. If you want access to a pool and structured swim workouts, you can do this through James Cotta for $40 a month. 

New Kits

With our new major sponsor as well as a number of new local sponsors, the club kit needs to be redesigned. A new professional logo is in the works and there will be a new color scheme that will set us apart from other clubs.

Don't order any more of our existing stuff is on the way!

New Website

The new website is currently under construction.

Special Deals 

Tony Vice has been working his contacts to line up special deals for our club members. I don't have a complete list of deals yet, but I can give you a taste of things to special offer is a $499 starter road bike offered through a local bike shop. If you've ever wanted to do a triathlon but were letting the lack of a bike stop you, you now can buy an affordable solution (warning...bikes are a slippery slope and upgrades come quickly once you are hooked).