About Me & My Blog

I started this blog in the spring of 2013 when I realized that most triathletes like to blog about what they are doing. I was also hooked on reading race reports of other athletes and wanted to write about my own stories (and lessons). This blog has a little bit about everything from training and nutrition to race reports and product reviews.

My blog is written from the perspective of a relatively new, middle aged, female triathlete.

Cast of Characters

  • Hot Stuff / HS: My hubby, best friend and top sponsor.
  • Coach K: My long distance triathlon coach and former pro-triathlete, +Bob Korock  
  • Coach James: My tri coach James when he isn't making me mad.
  • F'n James: My tri coach James after he has convinced me to do a race/interval/workout/whatever that I don't want to do!  LOL