Friday, April 17, 2015

Not Much to Report

My last post was over a month ago (actually it's getting close to two months because I've been sitting on this post for so long)! So what's been going on? Well....I've been swimming and cycling and running...that's it. End of post. Talk to you in another month!

Actually, HS and I did get away for a week to go to Spring Training in Scottsdale, AZ in early march. I had a blast (even if it meant flying) and would definitely go back. We had plenty of amazing food, potent drinks, sunny days at the ballpark, and recovery week training.

Spin, spin, spin

Mac' and cheese burger...AMAZING!!!

Beautiful lap pool

Go Giants!
Training Plan

I've worked hard to stick to my training plan. I mean seriously, if I'm going to spend money on a coach, I should probably listen to what he says I should do...even when every fiber of my being is screaming...train more...TRAIN MORE...T-R-A-I-N  M-O-R-E!

Actually, even though I feel like I'm not training enough (long enough, far enough, hard enough) my Garmin data shows a marked increase over what I did last year.

First Vineman Nightmares

So the nightmares have started a little earlier than expected. The first one is sort of silly...I got to the school for T1 or T2...I couldn't tell. Anyway, the arrows that were supposed to direct you where to go were drawn in chalk. Unfortunately, the chalk bucket had been left out and a bunch of kids were busy drawing hundreds of additional arrows all over the school. Long story short...I got lost in transition (hey, that could be the name of a book LOL) and could not get anyone to help me. When I finally got a volunteer to give me a course map, it did not contain any directions. The was a small map and a list of good restaurants to stop at for lunch. Stop for lunch? This is supposed to be a race!!!

My next nightmare I think was more about how I was feeling physically that day. In my dream, I was trying to run in the race but my legs would not work. I was on the ground trying to claw and drag myself along the route, but no matter what I did, my legs felt like they were stuck in sand and would not move!

Time to Race

I have not done a race (of any kind) since CIM. I thought I would miss the thrill of racing, but I've actually enjoyed just focusing on my long term goal. That being said, the triathlon season is getting started in California, so it's time to start doing some practice races. I plan on doing many of the same races I completed in my first two years. There is a level of comfort in racing a familiar course and it also allows me a chance to compare my performance with the previous years.

Ready, set, GO!