Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ultimate 70.3 Brick Workout / Fitness Assessment

Last week I got an email from Training Peaks. This email contained a link to an article titled “The Ultimate IRONMAN 70.3 Brick Workout”. I was intrigued, so I clicked the link. The article opened with…
The countdown to racing season has begun for athletes in the Northern Hemisphere, however, some of you might not be feeling quite ready to toe the line. Do you have that uncertain feeling in your gut that your winter training hasn’t gotten you prepared for your early IRONMAN 70.3 races?"

OMG! Yes! Yes! Yes! That is exactly how I am feeling! 

Besides all of the schedule disruptions I have been fighting the feeling that I’m not doing enough. I keep telling myself that it’s because I’m not training for a full iron distance race like I have been the last two years. My miles and hours are way down. Regardless of all of my rationalizations, I still have the nagging feeling that I’m just not ready to race in a few weeks.

Ultimate Brick

My pup is having surgery tomorrow, so I took the day off of work. This will be the perfect day to try this brick workout that will help me, according to the article, assess my fitness. One of two things is going to come out of this exercise. One, I am going to complete it and realize I was worried about nothing and I will be fine on race day. Or two, I am going to struggle through the workout and completely freak out because I’m not ready to race!

The workout is relatively simple:
  • Swim 2,000-3,000y at as close to my 70.3 pace as possible. Based on last year’s World’s Toughest Half in Auburn, CA, I’m putting my goal at 2,200y in 40 minutes. I think I will wear my Lava pants to simulate my wetsuit without overheating at the pool.
  • Run 4 miles – 2 mile warm up (ok, I can do that) and then “increase to high zone 2 HR” for two miles. Hmmm…I haven’t been wearing my HR strap that much because it was rubbing me raw in spots and HS thought it looked like he had been beating me. I plan on 2 miles around 9:30 mpm and then I’ll speed things up to around 8:50 mpm.

Routes programmed on my treadmill using iFit
  • Two hour trainer session broken down into 4 x 30 minute blocks. The article lists the details of each block based on FTP. I am now regretting my recent FTP test that bumped my FTP up by about 20 watts. This is going to be the real test.
    More of this
  • Run 4 miles – first mile hard, next two a little harder, final mile at my best effort. I’m going to make sure I have the emergency strap on just in case I stumble and fall on the treadmill! LOL
Fingers Crossed

This workout was recommended to be done 6-8 weeks before the race. I didn't see the article until last week. The article said the workout could also be done again 4 weeks before the race. I am a little more than 3 weeks out, but I'm going to do it anyway. It will be my last "big" workout before I start my taper. If I get through this workout feeling strong, it will be a big confidence booster and I think I need that more than anything at this point.

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