Friday, February 22, 2013

Compression Socks & Cowboy Boots


Today is one of my "off" Fridays.  So, instead of trying to sleep in and lay around all morning, I got my butt (along with +Mike Pengilly's butt ) out the door and over to the pool in Lodi for 5am practice.  I concentrated on technique...hip rotation, keeping my hands wide, pulling water etc.  Unfortunately, this requires a tremendous amount of concentration and as a result, I had no brain power left to remember to breathe.  I found myself out of breath every time I came into the wall.

That being said, I am actually starting to like swim practice.  Part of this could be because I haven't had to do any kind of intervals in a while or it could be because I am actually having moments where everything seems to be coming together and I feel like I'm slipping through the water.

Mike on the other hand, was having a stand out morning.  James has been working with him to help correct his stroke.  Today, everything seemed to come together and Mike was swimming like I have never seen.  It really was amazing!

Nutrition Mishap

I woke up at 4am so I would have time to eat something before heading to the pool.  I had a banana and about a cup of greek yogurt.  Combined it was probably 250 calories.  After practice, I came home, had some coffee and a pink grapefruit.  I really didn't think much about it because I felt really good.  Since a short run was planned with the tri group on Saturday, with a bike ride on Sunday afternoon, I decided to do my long slow run this morning.

I was so concerned with updating my iPod that I almost left the house without my water (not smart).  What I did forget though, was something to eat mid-way through the run.  I didn't consider the small amount of calories I had eaten until it was too late.

The first two miles were tough, it was still pretty cold outside and I could not feel my feet.  At about mile 2.5, I regained some feeling in my toes and everything started to feel right.  I worked on hip rotation (a recurring theme this week), keeping my shoulders loose, and landing mid foot.  The nice thing about running is that I don't have to worry about breathing (or flip turns).

Around mile seven, I normally start to feel good.  However, today, I felt sluggish and the run seemed more difficult than usual.  At that point it dawned on me that I had not eaten enough to fuel a 13.1 mile run and I had not packed anything to eat.  Ugh!!  I kept running and finished the 13.1 miles but it was hard.  According to Garmin, this was a PR for me, but it didn't feel like it.  I have my watch programmed to stop when I stop moving, and I stopped more than normal today.

Furlough Friday by tpengilly at Garmin Connect - Details

I burned more than 1,500 calories on the run and tried to replenish some of them with my P90X Results & Recovery drink.  This drink is only 220 calories and not nearly enough after that run.  Luckily, Mike came home and was starving, so I showered and got ready to go to lunch.  I rubbed on some cryo gel, squeezed into my compression socks and slipped on my cowboy boots.  Lets go, I'm starving!!

Barb's Race Update

I booked our room for race weekend and I ordered a book to help me develop a training plan.  I know the race is not until the end of July, but you can never be too prepared.