Friday, November 15, 2013

Beautiful Day for a Brick (Cloudsurfers Run 2)

Thanks to my 9/80 schedule at work I have every other Friday off. Today was an "off" Friday and therefore a good day for a brick workout.

Love the fall colors

Today was also HS's maiden voyage on his Specialized S-Works Transition.

Another flashy red bike for HS

Since HS hadn't worked out all the bugs on his bike setup (and brakes), we took it easy on our ride.

Brick - Bike by tpengilly at Garmin Connect - Details

After we got back from our ride, I changed into some running shorts and laced up my On Cloudsurfers. This was my second time running in my new shoes. The first time was Wednesday before swim practice. I have to admit that Wednesday's run seemed a bit slow and my legs felt heavy. Of course, in my mind, it was the shoes and not my training.

Today my legs felt much better. Actually, my legs always feel pretty good coming off the bike. I remember the first time I did a brick workout.  When I looked at my Garmin, I couldn't believe my pace. Today was no different. My first mile was 8:12, followed by 7:39 and 7:24 for miles 2 and 3. I walked the last .65 as a cool down so my average pace was off.

Brick - Run by tpengilly at Garmin Connect - Details

Since Barb's Race, I've been doing one brick workout a month. I think I am going to increase this to two times a month...or every "off' Friday.

On Cloudsurfers - Run #2

The shoes felt even better today than they did on Wednesday. I am still amazed at how quiet they are when I run.

My feet were really cold coming off the bike, so it took about a half a mile before I could feel my toes. One of the comments I read about the On shoe is that the uppers don't breathe well and can make your feet hot. Honestly, my biggest problem in the winter months is not being able to feel my toes. I didn't find the shoes to be too hot or too cold...they were just right.

My dirty clouds

Little teeth to lock the clouds before push off

  • Cloudster - For all types of runners or walkers. Made to start and have fun.
  • Cloudrunner - Made to build endurance and to train on and off the road.
  • Cloudsurfer - Made to increase performance, to train and to compete.
  • Cloudracer - Made to perform in competitions.
One review I read about these shoes said that they made it difficult to run poorly. Right now I am leaning towards wearing these on Sunday for my 20 mile run. If they perform well and feel great, I may just wear them for CIM.