Sunday, May 3, 2015

Delta Century 2015

I like to do things two or three times so I can compare how I did. Today was my second attempt at the Delta Century. Last year, I hung desperately on the rear wheel of a teammate we affectionately called "The Bull". I would say that for about 80-90% of this ride, Paul was in front...unless of course there was a photographer ;-)

Photo op in in front (Paul in blue) LOL
This year I knew was going to be different. For one, Paul was no longer training with our group. For two, HS had been sick for two weeks and it was questionable about whether or not he was even going to be able to do the event. What this meant for me was that I was going to have to be prepared to not draft anyone and to possibly ride by myself. With that in mind, my main goals for this year's ride were to maintain an average pace of 18 mph (last year I was able to average 19.9 behind Paul) and to ride in front.

Oh the Wind

I remain unimpressed with Garmin's weather reporting capabilities. Apparently it grabs the info from the point you start your activity. So for today's ride, my watch reported a 4 mph wind...WRONG! Here is what reported for Courtland, CA

9am - 10mph wind with gust up to 15mph....that's more like it

Our second rest stop was at the Old Sugar Mill. Unfortunately, several course arrows had been blown away, so we had to take a round about way of getting to the stop (I talked to some riders that missed it completely). At this stop, HS informed me that if the wind continued blowing like it was, I was going to have to go on without him...he would just ride at his own pace. As much as I hate riding by myself, I understood... I think it was a miracle he had already gone half way with the way he was feeling.

OK, don't smile :-)
We left the Old Sugar Mill and guess what? The wind kept blowing. It didn't seem to matter what direction we headed, we were going straight into the f'n wind! Eventually, HS told me to just keep going, so I did. I still had my 18mph goal and I was going to do it alone :-(

Tale of the Tape

So, despite the wind, rough roads and no HS keeping me company for half the ride, I was thrilled to see that my average moving pace was 18.4 mph. My goal for Vineman is 18.5 mph, so I think I'm on my way. I keep reminding myself that I'll be in better shape and rested for race day, so 18.5 is doable.

Slower average, but my top speed is identical