Sunday, July 12, 2015

Waiting for Super Girl

Last Thursday Coach K sent me a message. It was a laundry list of things for me to do for the race. Just reading it made me feel sick to my stomach. The funny thing was is that I had done almost everything on his list already. Nevertheless, the fact that the race was close enough that he was telling me to get ready freaked me out. The first thought in my mind was "I'm not ready for this!" I honestly feel like I needed a few more months of training.

I replied with a detailed report of everything I had done so tune up, race kit, new tires, etc. He responded with a message that filled me with hope...
You likely will feel strong but not fast this weekend. By the following weekend you will start to feel like Super Girl
Super Girl? Really? Will I really start to feel good? Two weeks ago I could barely get through a long run without tearing up and wanting to quit. I just couldn't fathom actually starting to feel strong.


Our tri group's plans for an open water swim fell apart but I knew it was something I still needed to do. So I made arrangements with my daughter, Lindsey (who lives in Folsom) to go to Lake Natoma. I would rent a SUP so she could follow me. She agreed with a lot more enthusiasm about it than I had.

As I drove to Folsom to pick her up, a light rain misted the windshield. I thought to myself "I don't want to do this." It really wasn't the weird July weather that was dampening my spirits, I was just scared. Even after almost 3 years of triathlon training, I still get super nervous about the swim.

Turns out that I was nervous for nothing. Once I got in the water and just started swimming, my mind cleared and I focused on taking nice long strokes and gliding. Eventually I stopped to check my watch and realized that Lindsey had guided me out towards the middle of the lake away from the shore. "Can we move closer to the shore?" I asked. My pace had dropped even though my effort seemed much higher. I think there must be some sort of current when you get out in the middle.

A couple of times I asked her about the "island" and she would tell me that its up around the bend. For the life of me, I couldn't believe that it was taking so long to get there. Last year when we came to swim, it seemed like we reached the island in no time. Turns out we were talking about two different islands. Lindsey was referring to the one at the far end of the lake and I was talking about a small one that was much closer. It didn't matter anyway, I wanted to swim 3,000y so I needed to keep going. At one point I stopped to check my watch and we had this conversation:
Way better than 2.4 ;-)

ME: "I only needed to go .17 to reach the halfway distance for the race."
Lindsey: "What distance will that be?"
ME: "1.2 miles. The race is 2.4"
Lindsey:  "Why not swim until you get to 1.25 miles instead? That way you can say you swam 2 and a half miles. That sounds way better than 2.4"
ME: "Ok"

What can I say? I'm a sucker for peer pressure! (Unless it involves swimming in the ocean! LOL)


Since HS hadn't been on the bike for a week, he did not want to attempt a 5-1/2 hour ride. I tried to organize a ride, but just like Friday's swim nothing panned out. So instead of heading outdoors, I hopped back on the trainer (Tuesday and Thursday's rides were also on the trainer) and did Spinervals Hardcore 100. This was my third time doing this workout in its entirety and I am pleased to report that my attitude was much better at the end of the tears, no cussing. When the workout ended, I hopped off the bike and headed out for my run.

Another 5-1/2 hour trainer ride


This would be my last L-O-N-G run. I really wasn't dreading the was just something I needed to do. I woke up at my normal 4am, nuked a Jimmy Dean De-Lite sandwich, ate it and headed back to bed for half an hour until it was a little lighter outside (NOTE: Last week I did my 18 mile run before I ate anything and I suffered).

I needed to be on the road by 5am in order to complete the 20 miles and have time to get to church. The run went as good as could be expected. HS ran the first 3 miles with me. I ran back home with him so I could change tops. Three miles into my run and my running bra was already starting to chafe my skin. UGH!

When I headed back out on my run, I redid my neighborhood zig-zag. I had to make another pit stop at home for "girl" reasons but by then I was up to 10 miles. When I left the house after this stop, I headed in a different direction just to give myself a mental break. The rest of the run went well and I made it home in time to hop in the shower and head to church.

After this weekend, I'm looking forward to this week and especially next weekend...can't wait to feel like Super Girl!

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