Thursday, November 26, 2015

In Search of 5 Seconds

In 2013, I ran my first California International Marathon and missed a Boston qualifying time by 4 seconds (race report).  F-O-U-R freakin' seconds!!! I was crushed.

I went back in 2014, after following a marathon training plan and cutting out all of my usual triathlon cross training, and I managed to ADD a few minutes to my time. (race report) ARGH!!

Had a great time in 2014 with my tri buddies
I recently re-read my race reports from those years.  At the end of last year's report, I had noted the following goals:

Goals for 2015 
  • Learn to listen to myself
  • Enjoy the marathon during Vineman
  • Convince HS , LindseyMax, and Ashley to run CIM with me!

Ok, I'm running CIM by myself, so I definitely missed Goal #3. As for enjoying the marathon during Vineman, well...I don't know about that goal either LOL!!! Now, as for my first goal about learning to listen to myself, I think I have been much better than previous years.

Going Back to What Works

This year I decided to go back to more of what I did in 2013 and less of what I did in 2014. In 2013, I enjoyed my training a lot more than all the running I did in 2014. I also didn't have the cramping issues.

Here's how my training in November matches up for the past 3 years:

Orange = swim
Blue = run
Red = cycling
Green = strength training

November 2013

Almost as much swimming as there was running with a little bit of cycling on Saturdays. Seems like a lot of "rest" days too.

November 2014

Almost entirely all running except for the Salmon Duathlon.

November 2015

Less swimming than 2013 and a lot more cycling and strength training.

Race Plans

I've decided that I won't be running with a pace group this year. 2013 = no pace group / 2014 = 3:55:00 pace group.  Apparently the pace group tries to keep an even pace for the entire race. However, that is not how I run. I need to start out a little slower and then pick up the pace later in the race.

26.2 miles is a long run and a lot can happen. That being said, I really hope that somewhere in all those miles I can manage to squeak out at least 5 seconds!