Monday, November 16, 2015

Last Long Run

Today was my last long, slow run before CIM. I usually don't write much about my running...there's not much to's long and it's slow and it's boring. Knowing that you have a 20 mile run is not always something you want to think about when you roll out of bed...especially if it's raining. I checked the weather report and according to Yahoo! Weather the rain would be over by the time I got home from church! Yay! I was not looking forward to running 20 miles in the rain.

Our street was still wet from the morning rain, but the weather report said it was over
Yeah but...

Unless your cable and internet service has been down for a few days, you are aware of the terrible events that occurred in France on Friday. It is truly a tragedy. When I got to church and looked at the handout I saw that the topic was "Yeah but...Why do bad things happen to good people?" This wasn't a sermon that the pastor cooked up at the last minute because of the events in France. It was the planned sermon in a series called "Yeah but..." which is meant to address the questions that we all may ask about God, life and faith... the "Yeah but's" in life.

Although the sermon wasn't intended to be about France, the pastor did open with a prayer for the people of France and everyone affected. After the prayer, I couldn't help but think about all the tragedies and heartache in the world. You can't turn on the TV or look at the internet without learning about some new horrible event. My mind then drifted to my big worry...was it going to rain on my long run. Immediately I felt horribly shallow and stupid. Really Tracy? That's your big worry? Boy you sure do have it rough.

Is it Worth It?

When I think about the time and money involved in training for the events I choose, I often wonder "Is it worth it?" I mean honestly, what am I doing here...planning my Sundays around insanely long distances that I really don't even like to do. In a few months I will be preparing to have another go at Vineman. What if terrorists decide to do something horrible in the US again? It could all be over tomorrow and then what? Are there triathlons in heaven? Does everybody win at a triathlon in heaven?

I then remind myself that my time spent training is my way of staying grounded. For the few hours that I am out riding or running, I am in control. I'm not concerned with terrorists, bombings, mass shootings or anything like that (although the car alarms and sirens in Stockton can be a little worrisome). During my training, it's just me and the road. In a world where I feel incredibly out of control and helpless, my training gives me a glimmer of hope. I decide where I want to run, how far, and how fast? Nobody is making me train, it is my decision and I am incredibly grateful to be able to decide what I want to do.

Windy, Windy Weather

So, I lucked out in the rain department, but unfortunately the wind picked up. In fact there was even a possible tornado a little further south and that is pretty rare in California. My Garmin says the wind was 10 mph, but as anyone with a Garmin knows...that's at the time you start your activity. Weather Underground reported maximum wind speeds in Stockton of 31 mph with gusts up to 38 mph. I definitely felt some of those gusts. The run back home along the Calaveras bike path was miserable. All I could do was put my head down and hang onto my much for my Chi Running form ;-)

HS kept me company throughout the run. I know it wasn't easy for him to try and stay upright on his bike as he rode at a stupid slow pace, but he did it. I can't thank him enough. As I made my way back over the bridge on Feather River Dr, a gust of wind blew along the water way and pushed me enough to make me side step a bit. I was so over trying to fight the wind. I should have just ran in the hills if I wanted this kind of workout! I dug a bit deeper and made my way home (only 2 miles at that point LOL).

After loading my Garmin data, I then checked my calendar. 10 miles next Sunday!!! AWESOME ;-)