Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pearl Izumi Tri Champions Team

Last month I got the most exciting news...I had been accepted into the very first Pearl Izumi Tri Champions Team!!!

I had been anxiously waiting to find out if I had made the cut since I applied back in November 2015. Prior to that, I had no idea about any of Pearl Izumi's other teams (running and cycling)...I just really liked their gear. PI had great looking stuff that was comfortable and held up well...what more could you ask for?

When I got the invitation to apply, I stood at the kitchen counter and filled out the application and submitted it within an hour. I'm not sure why I was in such a hurry, but I was just so excited that I wanted to get it in Pearl Izumi's inbox right away.  It wasn't until after I clicked on submit that I realized you could save your application and work on it later...LOL.

The Gear

There were two reasons for wanting to join this team. First and foremost, as I mentioned above, I really like their gear. I have multi pairs of Pearl Izumi Sugar shorts, two pairs of riding pants, riding jerseys, socks, gloves, and my tri kit, which I wore last year to most of my races.

2015 Tri for Real #1
(Yes, I like pink)


I even made a Pearl Izumi buddy during Vineman... 
"Throughout the run I traded spots with a guy wearing a Pearl Izumi kit similar to mine (his was green and blue). We chatted a bit while "running" about how comfortable they were and how much we liked them. He ran past me in the last half mile yelling "Go Zumi! Run team Izumi!" I guess he was just as giddy as I was about finishing this thing :-)"  - 2015 Lineman race report

Oakland Triathlon Festival

Salmon Duathlon

I am also on my second pair of the Tri Fly V Carbon cycling shoes.

Unfortunate chia fresca incident turned this pair into a chia pet

My new pretty and CLEAN :-)

The Pact
I will endure.
I will enjoy.
I shall only partake in this
crazy sport I love, because I love it.
And I will quit when I quit loving it.
I am a representative of this sport....
Posted on my office wall
One of the questions on the team application asked if I had read and signed the Pact and what I thought was the most important line and why.  Here is my response...
"My favorite line is "I will encourage the beginner, the professional, and everyone in between." I think this is most important because everyone needs encouragement... from my coach to the newest member of our team. Since completing my first triathlon in 2012 I have strongly "encouraged" friends, family, and co-workers to give this crazy sport a try (most have said "yes"). I love seeing the face of someone that never thought they could complete a triathlon cross the finish line!"

I would have signed this pact regardless of if I was applying for the team or not and I continue to encourage people to give this crazy sport a try (Did I mention that Central Valley Triathlon Club has a Tri 101 class starting March 5?)

Want to sign the Pact? Follow this link...

I Can't Wait!

I am looking forward to getting my Pearl Izumi team kits. I've seen the design and it looks awesome...similar to the Factory Team Cycling kit below. On top of that, I think its going to match my bike and my new running shoes...

My new shoes

Our tri kits are very similar to the factory team cycling kits

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