Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Planning Continues

As I continue to figure out my annual training plan, I am also thinking about what that means for me on a weekly basis.  Obviously my swim workouts are fixed because I have limited access to the pool. This means I will always swim on Mondays and Wednesdays unless the pool schedule changes.

Mondays will be speed/endurance and Wednesdays will be endurance/technique. Tuesday nights are the Fleet Feet run. Usually I just go and run.  However, after talking to Emily, she suggested that I make Tuesday nights "tempo" runs.

Run Like a Kenyan

I wasn't sure how to do a tempo run so I Googled it and found a "Runner's World" article that proved to be really helpful. In the article, the author discusses how an elite track coach trained with the Kenyan "A" team for several months. The Kenyan's tempo runs consisted of "a slow 15-minute warmup, followed by at least 20 minutes at a challenging but manageable pace, then a 15-minute cooldown--as often as twice a week". (Hanc, 2007)

Simple. Simple. Simple.

What?...Ladders, M-Pace, FTP test?????
I have no idea what they are talking about. I just want to run!

I need simple! I need measurable! I need something I can program into my Garmin and head out the door and just run. Besides, I don't have access to a track close to home and I'm not especially keen on trying to get a track workout in immediately before swim of the workouts is going to suffer. I want to run like a Kenyan!

Back to my Plan

This is just a tentative plan. I'm still trying to work around my fixed workouts and figure out how to work strength training into my routine. I am going to play it by ear for the first few months just to see how I feel. If one day feels like too much, I will change things up a bit. Obviously, as the year progresses workouts will increase in intensity. There will also be periods of rest and recovery as well.
  • Monday - Swim (speed/endurance), Strength (P90X AbRipper-X or Core)
  • Tuesday - Run (tempo)
  • Wednesday - Strength training (core), Swimming (endurance)
  • Thursday - Rest / Active Recovery (P90X Yoga)
  • Friday - Brick, Strength training (P90X Legs & Back, Shoulders & Arms, or Chest & Back)
  • Saturday - Group workout (bike or swim)
  • Sunday - Run (long)

Time for a Physical

One of the recommendations in The Triathletes Training Bible (and therefore part of my planning process) is to get a complete physical at the start of your training year. Since it's been a while since I have done this, I am going to schedule one this week. Besides, I've got to figure out what is going on with Aunt Flo.

Not only did Aunt Flo make two race day appearances this year, but this month she decided to show up an entire week early! Apparently intense exercise and stress can throw off your schedule. "Women who are constantly anxious, tense, tired or overworked are more likely to have an early period because stress causes their hormone levels to fluctuate" (Langham, Ph.D. , 2011). I'm blaming Barb's Race!! (But I'm still going to get checked out).


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