Friday, October 4, 2013

Walk Down Memory Lane's early, early in morning and I'm in the bathroom crying. It's the morning of my first triathlon...October 7, 2012 and I am scared to death.  I think I even shed a few tears on the way to Sacramento...ah, memories...

James insisted that we get there early ;-)

Last year I did the Golden State super sprint. It was a very short distance race and I had more than adequately trained for it. I think my fear came from the fact that I was convinced that the competition was going to destroy me. Of course I was going to get destroyed... every hardcore triathlete longs to wrap up their season with a super sprint...or so I thought. 

As it turned out, my competitors were no different than I was. Most were new to the sport, many were nervous, everyone was friendly though. 

There was really nothing to worry about.

What to Expect

After you check in, you will get your body markings (race number on your arms and hands, age on your calf).

You can then go into transition to set up.

First with our markings done (since we were so early)
James will show you around the race course to make sure you know what to do.

Waiting to warm up
You can swim or walk across the bridge to get to the start.

Most of our group (don't know where Eric went)
 Be prepared to pose for a few pics!

Waiting for the start

More people than our practice triathlons, but still a relatively small field.

Leaving T1
No fancy bike shoes necessary. 

Stephanie finishing the run

If I could make one suggestion for anyone doing their first triathlon... it would be to relax and have fun. Put a smile on your face and enjoy your race.

Smiles all around!