Sunday, June 29, 2014

4 Weeks and Counting

Well, I finished up another (fun?) week of training. Both of my swim workouts were "endurance" based and I even let James have the honors of selecting the Endurance (Form) workout for me on Wednesday. I figured I needed to do a little work on my form after the video James sent me of Monday's swim workout...things start to fall apart when I'm tired.

This is me swimming tired (James said I was swimming like Lindsey LOL)

"See what I see? I know you don't swim like that all the time. But is it happening in races? Losing a lot of distance with that left arm. It starts breaking down half way thru the first lap."


Things are better before I wear myself out :-)

Tuesday I skipped Fleet Feet and ran on my own...just so I didn't get sucked up in someone else's pace. I also wanted to run in the heat of the day.

Thursday, my day off, was marked with 30 minutes in the sauna to help me acclimate to the heat. It was significantly warmer than the previous Sunday, probably because nobody in their right mind thinks about sitting in the sauna when it is over 90 degrees outside. Thursday was tough... I even had to exit the sauna for a minute. I clearly reached the "uncomfortable" state.

Friday was another go at Spinervals - Muscular Endurance...this time I had my new speed and cadence sensor mounted on my bike. I worked my butt off and burned less calories...go figure. My guess is that with my heart rate and cadence calculated, I was getting a more accurate reading on calories burned. It's OK though, I never use my calories burned as an excuse to "pig out".

Saturday was an open water swim up at Lake Natoma. I can honestly say that this was the VERY first time I felt completely at ease in open water. It helped that I could see the bank and that I knew that Lindsey (on a SUP) wouldn't let her mom drown...but it was a great feeling finally shedding that anxiety that usually accompanies an open water swim.

Posing for the camera :-)

Sunday was another sauna "workout". Surprisingly, the sauna is considerably busier at 6am on Sunday than on a weekday afternoon. We interrupted a MENSA meeting when we got there and the three gentlemen in full workout gear left within minutes. HS and I started to break into a sweat when another gym patron popped in for a 2 minute sweat. He left rather suddenly and threw the door open in the process as if to say "Ta Da! I made it 2 minutes in the sauna!" Thank you, sir, for making sure the sauna stays below the set temp! WTF! He came back 10 minutes later...probably irritated that HS and I were still there in our Speedos sweating puddles! The sauna eventually crept back up to 175 and I managed to stay in for 35 minutes.

I ended the week with the longest run I've been able to manage since Avenue of the Vines. If I try and maintain a 9:10-9:30 pace at Barb's Race, I should be fine.

The Week Ahead

Ok, enough about what I did, what I really need to be thinking about is what I'm going to do with my last 28 days.

I've been spending a lot of time reading "The Triathlete's Training Bible". Today I read the section about coming up with a race plan. I did not have a written plan last year...this year will be different.

Next Sunday will mark the start of my 3 week taper. At this time, my race plan will be more complete. In the mean time, I have a more general plan.

This coming week will be the last of my "long" workouts, after that, things will be shorter and quicker. Monday and Wednesday will be "endurance" workouts in the pool. I may even let James pick again :-). I'm not sure about Fleet Feet on Tuesday...we're looking at triple digits in the beginning of the week, so I may take this opportunity for a little more heat acclimatization training. Thursday will be another rest/sauna session.

Friday will be my last Muscular - Endurance Spineralvals workout. In all honesty, I think mentally it's the last one I can take. 2 hours and 25 minutes on the trainer is a LOOONNNGGG time. I would gladly trade this for a 50 mile "real" ride any day! Not sure about Saturday, but we may be headed back to Lake Natoma.

Sunday will be my last "long" run. I'm hoping to bump this up to 8 miles in the heat. I don't want to press my luck with my Achilles.

The following week will be similar, without any long/endurance workouts. I still haven't decided about the "Tri for Real #2" on 7/13, but I'm leaning towards doing that race as a final tune up. I need to test out my new helmet and some last minute nutrition tweaks.

Preliminary Race Plan
"Having the performance and race results you want in an A-priority race largely depends on having an effective strategy. A race strategy is nothing more than a plan that covers the race-day variables over which you have control." (Pg. 165)

Race Week - Gotta work...not expecting much change Mon-Thursday. 2 swim workouts, a short quick run, and maybe a 45 minute ride on the trainer. No sauna workouts.

Friday - Housekeeping issues, drop the "kids" off, head to Windsor to check in for the race and have lunch at the same place we ate at last year. Check in at 3pm for the house we rented. Dinner when Lindsey and Max get to the house (James is more than welcome to join us, although we WON'T be fixing chicken fried steak for dinner!) Bed at 8pm.

Saturday - Race Day! Head down to the start and set up T1.

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