Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Black Line Boredom

When I got to the pool today, James told me I needed to swim 500's. Luckily I found this workout in my book. I did the advanced workout. Unfortunately, I missed the "descending" mark. First two 500's were ok...third one, not so much. Also, looking at the main set now, it looks like maybe I was supposed to swim the 1,500 yards all at once and not break them into separate 500's. Oh well ;-)

Really? 1,500 yard warm up???

Endurance by tpengilly at Garmin Connect - Details (kicking set's not included in Garmin yardage)

Places My Mind Goes

My mind tends to wander during long sets. Last year I usually just had one thought...something along the lines of "I'm going to die before I finish!!!" Now that I know that physically I can do the set, I'm not so focused on survival...and when I say "not so focused" I pretty much mean "completely UNFOCUSED"

Here's where my mind went today during the 500's...
  • I went to the dentist today and found out I am going to need a root canal on one of my front teeth 10 days before Barb's Race. The assistant noted that the tooth was already turning grey and then told me that sometimes the tooth will turn yellow/brown quickly...which she then described as being "full blown hill billy". WHAT!?!?  I don't want that...I also don't want a root canal, but I am more vain than I am fearful of the dentist, so I'm going to get it fixed. I can see it now...the swim starts, I get kicked in the mouth and my temporary cap gets knocked off leaving me with a missing Chic-let in all my race photos. No bueno :-(
  • I need some glide for my Achilles...just something I need to pack for the race. I've started noticing that my sock rubbing on my Achilles is causing some of my discomfort.
  • Speaking of socks...I've got to remember to separate them and put them in the correct shoes at T1...don't want a repeat of last year...
  • I need to stay focused on getting closer to my race weight...going to be tough with a holiday weekend coming up...I could really go for some pizza...
  • Should I do the Tri for Real #2? Feeling pretty good...it will be a good dress rehearsal and I should have my new bike helmet. I wonder how hot it's going to be? My favorite aunt will probably be in town that weekend...at least she'll be gone by Barb's.
  • Does James think I'm not ready for the Wednesday AM ride? Whatever...I don't want to go anyway...
  • What should I wear for Barb's Race. My cute Zoot outfit that matches my bike is mostly black...too hot for the run. Still can't stand the pad in my team tri shorts...don't see myself running a half marathon in them. Can't wear my blue top again. I also need to wear something warm to Johnson's Beach...I was soooo cold last year.

I put on my wetsuit and borrowed a sweater from Kim
to try and stay warm
  • Should I order the Hammer Solids? I would really like to try something other than GU...I'm so sick of GU... I could really go for some pizza...
  • I hate it when the pool water is cloudy. Who's taking care of this thing?
  • I don't think I've ever seen HS swim so much...he's still going...