Monday, July 21, 2014

Calm Before the Storm

So, race week is finally here. The yardage has been swum… the miles have been covered either by bike or foot. The only thing left for me to do is eat, sleep, and focus on the race. Last week I was a mess. My anxiety level was through the roof. I could barely get out of the house in the morning without double and triple checking things (my OCD gets bad during times of stress LOL).

One is NOT enough!

This week I feel rather calm…weird!

Last year, all I had to do was think about the race and my heart rate would skyrocket…this time, not so much. All I’m trying to do now is focus on things I can control.

I’m sticking to my normal diet this week. On Thursday and Friday, I will add more carbs to the menu. I’ll probably start with oatmeal on both days and I am planning on making pesto Thursday night. Friday is still up in the air…gotta find out what Lindsey feels like eating.

Bedtime will remain 8pm even if it is still light outside. Last week I resorted to putting a ski cap on and pulling it down over my eyes.

I will try not to read too many race reports (other than my own LOL). It doesn't matter what other people did…I need to concentrate on my race and on my own experience.

The dining room table is starting to fill up with stuff. Every time I think of something, I go and add it to the pile.

My taper continues…
  • Sunday was my last sauna session with a 30 minute run later in the day. My Achilles started to get sore, so I cut the run short (planned on 45 minutes) and went home and did P90X X-Stretch.
  • Monday is a 1,500-1,800y swim. I’m going to work on my bi-lateral breathing as well as sighting.
  • Tuesday has a 30 minute run on the calendar, but I may swap it out for a short ride. I need to wash my bike and check everything out one last time, so this might be a good time.
  • Wednesday is my last official swim workout. 1,500-1,800y in my wetsuit.
  • Thursday is another round of P90X X-Stretch. I always feel great after this workout.
  • Friday is check-in for the race. Depending on when I get finished, I may go down to the river for an easy little swim or maybe a short ride ;-)

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