Sunday, February 15, 2015

Garmin Connect - Knights Ferry / Woodward Loop

Garmin Connect - Knights Ferry / Woodward Loop (follow link for full Garmin route)

This ride was absolutely beautiful and the temps were perfect. The only issue with the route was that we made a wrong turn on to 28 Mile Road instead of heading to 26 Mile Road and it ended up shortening the ride by about 7 miles.

Next time I'm printing the map (just in case).
We started the ride at the Knights Ferry Recreation Area, a few miles outside of Oakdale. This is the same location as the Salmon Duathlon and 5k hosted by @OnYourMarkEvent (Next one is 11/7/15).

Perfect place to start
We probably could have started our ride closer to home, but the nice thing about starting at the Knights Ferry Recreation Area is that there is plenty of FREE parking, restrooms, and picnic tables. On top of all of that, if you are wanting to do a brick workout, the Salmon Duathlon run course is perfect.  You will also encounter other Stanislaus County parks along the way if you need a restroom break ;-)

Team In Training riders
The route we were on proved to be pretty popular as we crossed paths with many other riders.

Which way do we go?

Sort of lost (not really) but still having a good time.

Most roads were in good condition with little traffic

The locals were very curious

Oldest covered bridge west of the Mississippi

Trails for hiking too

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