Sunday, February 1, 2015

Garmin Connect - Stockton to Elk Grove

If you are looking for a nice flat, out-and-back ride, this simple route from Stockton to Elk Grove is perfect (as long as it's not windy). If I ride from my house, it is roughly 60 miles. The attached route shows the distance leaving from Bear Creek High School which knocks the distance down to 53.5 miles.

What's nice about leaving from Bear Creek High School is that there is plenty of parking and you are very close to the city limits...which means there is not a lot of in town riding. About 1/2 a mile (and a couple of signals) into your ride, you cross Eight Mile Road and you are in the country on your way to Lodi.

Garmin Connect - Stockton to Elk Grove

Thornton Rd
Just north of the town of Thornton is the Cosumnes River Preserve. There are restrooms available. It's also a nice place to stop and just take in nature for a few minutes or to re-group with your riding partners.

Lots of ducks (and photographers) today
After the preserve is a long, straight stretch to Elk Grove. If you use Garmin Connect, you will find lots of other riders with segments posted.
Course segments are virtual race courses that allow you to compare your performances against all your past activities, your connections, your group members or the entire Garmin Connect community. You can find segments in your area, or create your own. 

The road can be rough in spots and if the wind is blowing, you are going to feel it as you head north. However, the ride back to Stockton is going to be glorious! With the wind at your back, you will feel like a superstar :-)

Our triathlon training group likes to use the Star Bucks at the corner of Franklin Blvd and Elk Grove Blvd as our rest stop. There is also a Raley's at this location (don't waste your money on their apple fritters...still disappointed LOL).

Short break before heading home

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