Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall 2015 Training Plan

Part of my fall training plan includes working strength training into my schedule. Since I am not very good at coming up with my own workouts, I choose to use workout DVDs like P90X, Les Mills, and INSANITY. However, while those workouts by themselves are great, they are just a little too long and too intense.  So once again, I am trying to do P90X3. My rational is that the workouts are all 30 minutes long so I have more than enough time to do them in the morning (provided I give up some of my time on Facebook.)

Last time I tried triathlon training in conjunction with P90X3, I quit P90X3 after a few weeks. I think my biggest problem was that I was too rigid with my schedule. I wanted to do my triathlon training exactly as I had scheduled and I wanted to do the P90X3 workouts exactly as they appeared on the printed schedule, regardless if they complimented or conflicted with tri workout I was doing that day. Since my triathlon training has some fixed workouts like swimming, the triathlon schedule really isn’t too flexible.

With that in mind, I am mapping out my triathlon training first and then fitting in the P90X3 workouts where they make sense.

My Plan

X3 Yoga
Total Synergistics
Agility X
The Challenge
CVX, The Warrior, or Run
Long Ride
Long Run
Recovery Ride
The Challenge

Since the weekend is reserved for my "long" workouts, and since I am changing up my schedule a bit for fall and dropping one day of swimming, Monday is my new recovery day. The plan is to start the day with X3 Yoga (which I did do yesterday) and then do a nice recovery ride in the afternoon. 

Tuesdays are now a "run" day, so I am starting the day with Total Synergistics which is a full body resistance workout that shouldn't tax my legs too much. This morning, day #2 of my plan, was a test of my will. I really wanted to just stay in bed a few more minutes. The only thing that got me off the mattress was the fact that a coworker is doing P90X3 and I was afraid she was going to ask if I did the workout this morning (she asked yesterday!).

OMG MOMENT! I did a quick Google search for "triathlons strength training women" just to get a little more info on the importance of strength training for women. I had read something about how women lose muscle faster or something along those lines. As I scrolled through the search results, I came across my own blog post! Apparently I've tried this whole "I'm going to do strength training" thing more than once! I swear...this time will be different!! LOL
Back to My Plan

Since Wednesdays and Fridays are swim days (Don't worry +James Cotta I'm not going to stop swimming like I did last year), I don't want to do any kind of upper body workouts. Its hard enough dragging myself through the water when my arms aren't tired. I think I will mix things up a bit and do either Agility X, CVX, or The Warrior depending on how I feel. I also need to revisit each of these DVDs because I cannot remember what the workouts were like. I am also keeping the option open of doing a run on my "off" Fridays.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, my designated riding days (besides my recovery ride) I think I will do "The Challenge" which is an upper body workout...gotta keep my legs fresh for the bike.

Sunday, my long, slow run day is going to be difficult. I want to get my run in early (before church) which makes even doing a 30 minute workout challenging. Right now I will play this by ear. I may just end up doing Yoga after I get home from church...theres nothing wrong with doing yoga more than once a week :-)

My Starting Point

Ok, right now I'm not going to broadcast what my starting weight was last Friday...it wasn't a good time to weigh myself. That being said, my goal is to get below 140 by CIM (December 6, 2015). It is a reasonable goal. Here is one of my "before" pics that I had +Lindsey Larkin take of me today.

My starting point
In Case You're Interested