Tuesday, September 29, 2015

P90X3 - First Month Complete

Well, I finished the first 30 days of P90X3. So far I am pleased with the results. I am down 4 lbs and I am feeling much stronger than when I started...lets just say that I was struggling with the push ups in Yoga (yes, there are push ups in P90X3 yoga LOL)

Green boxes are the P90X3 workouts

I took before pictures the day I started. Correction, Lindsey took my before pics. Yesterday, the start of month two, I took my own pics and they didn't come out too good.

Looking at the pics, I do see a little change in my stomach and my arms are a little more defined. Maybe I'll have HS take some more pics of me so they are in focus.

Now, before you chalk up the weight loss to my marathon training, take a look at the chart below which shows my total training distances over the last 12 months. As you can see, my distances are down significantly compared to the ramp up to Vineman.  Based on the decrease in training distances (volume) I should have gained and not lost.

Please note...after Vineman, HS gently reminded me that my training volume had changed and that I couldn't eat like I had been before Vineman. I did make an adjustment when I started P90X3...I cut out a LOT of snacking and I also switched my lunches during the work week to Shakeology.

Plan for Month 2

Due to my marathon training, I changed up the order of the first month's workouts so they wouldn't conflict with my training. I plan on doing the same for month two.

For example, Monday was P90X3 - Eccentric Upper. This works well with my schedule because Monday is a recovery ride in the afternoon (or maybe a swim). Tuesday has Triometrics on the schedule, but Tuesday is also a run day for me. So, instead of doing a plyo type workout such as Triometrics, I decided to do yoga instead (I really love P90X3 yoga)...besides I have a blister on my toe from Sunday's long run and I was in no mood to try and jump around.

Wednesday has yoga on the schedule, but since I did yoga on Tuesday I think I will do Eccentric Lower on Wednesday with a swim in the afternoon. I'm still trying to decide what to do on Thursday. I may just move Friday and Saturday up a day or I may just do yoga again ;-)