Sunday, March 3, 2013

Because James Said I Couldn't

Ok, maybe the best reason to go for a run is not because somebody said you couldn't do it, but that is what I did today.  Yesterday on our hill ride up at Camanche, James made a comment that I wouldn't be going on my long run today, which made Mike laugh.  Mike knew at the moment James said that, that I would be running today.  (Don't throw out a challenge if you don't want me to take it LOL).

It was a decent run.  I'll admit it though, it took every thing I had to keep going.  I would do a body check of how I felt to see if I could keep going.  Breathing? OK.  Heart rate? OK.  Feeling loose? YES.  Legs?  Legs?  Hello, legs??? UGH!!  We're sooooo tired!! Well, if that is all you got, then you can keep going.  What are you going to do after 56 miles on the bike?  It also didn't help that breakfast kept wanting to come up instead of staying down (no more huevos rancheros 3 hrs before I run).

Anyway, here are my stats from the run...

Because James Said I Couldn't - Details