Thursday, March 28, 2013

Doing Life Together

Just like workouts, some blog posts are easier than others...even ones you are really looking forward to writing.  This topic has been kicking around my head for a while, but I haven't been able to get it out in a manner that didn't sound cheesy.

Thankfully, Sunday's run helped clear my writer's block  As I started my run and headed down Woodside, I noticed some old friends helping install the front door at my stepson's house.  My run got delayed a good 1/2 hour as I caught up with my friend Denise.  Eventually the topic of my training came up and I encouraged Denise to come try out the triathlon group (she used to be a swimmer, so she's got the hardest part of a triathlon in the bag!)

Cruising to Mexico with the Turners

When I finally started my run, I got to thinking about the friends Mike and I have in our lives.  Most of our friends have become part of our lives because of sports.  My BFF, Kim, and her family is a perfect example.

We became friends back with our kids were 7-8 years old swimming in the Mid-Valley Swim League. My girls swam for the Manteca Dolphins and Jordan swam for the Tracy Tritons.  Eventually, all three girls went to year round swimming and became members of Delta Valley Aquatics.

Swim Dads on the Delta - No kids!
When we moved the girls to Tiger Aquatics in Stockton we met Bob & Denise and their two daughters.  As it turned out, Bob and Denise lived a couple of blocks away from us, so car pooling was a natural next step.

When you spend hours driving kids back and forth to the pool, or entire weekends huddled under leaky Ez-Ups because your kids had a meet in the middle of January, you can't help but become friends.

We have shared meals, camped out, and traveled with these people.  We have spent entire holiday weekends working swim meets together.  These are people who we only met because of sports.  The best part is that we are all still friends even though our kids are grown up and out of the house.

New Team - New & Old Friends

New adventures!
I guess that is what got me hooked on the triathlon training group.  Everything that we had while the kids were growing up and participating in sports is still available to us as adults.  Better yet, instead of cheering for the kids, we're cheering for each other!

Since joining the group last August I have made several new friends and I have gotten closer with other friends.  In all my years of working with Eric, I never knew we both used to drive MGB GTs in high school.  Of course there is Coach James too who we would never have met without this group.

Last night at practice, our lanes were full. Full of family, friends, coworkers, and new faces.  It is a very exciting time for the triathlon group.  I look forward to all of the practices and races we have in our future as well as all of the extras that go along with them.  Although, I'm sure that with this group, any kind of extra activity is still going to include some sort of workout ;-)