Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fleet Feet Tuesday Night Run

+Mike and I headed down to Fleet Feet tonight for the first "official" Tuesday night run of the season.  New Balance was there and we got to try out some of the newest New Balance shoes (the only running shoe made in America).
I tried out the new 1080v3.  They were very comfy and light.  Not thrilled with the color since white shoes get dirty quickly, but the rep said they were coming out in different colors.  This is definitely a shoe I would consider buying in the right color :-)

Of course, Tony Vice was giving out goodies tonight and we both came home with New Balance headbands and Fleet Feet water bottles.  Next week is going to be a pizza run or a pub run.  Either way, it will be fun.

The Actual Run

After yesterday's 40 mile ride, I was going to make tonight a recovery run.  I started out easy at about a 9 minute per mile pace, but when Mike turned around at the 1-1/2 mile point, I was left running by myself.  Actually, I wasn't running by myself.  I was being chased by a woman wearing the exact same shirt as me!  We both wore our Bad Bass 1/2 Marathon shirts tonight!!  

My shirt and finisher's medal
We chatted briefly about the race and she asked if I had done anymore Brazen events.  I said that I hadn't and that I would have loved to do Bad Bass again this year but it was too close to Barb's Race.  She told me she had just raced Brazen's Badger Cove race which made it very easy for me to cross reference the races and figure out who she was.  (Don't judge me!  I'm just curious.)  FYI...I have a dozen years on her!

Anyway, she was right behind me the entire time.  I could hear her footsteps and I wanted to just stop and say "Go around me!"  However, that is not the way to win a race (not that tonight was a race).  I had to remind myself that I only had a mile to go and if I was at the end of Barb's race I better not be acting/thinking like this.  I pushed through and prayed for a red light at Pershing.  My prayers were answered and we both sort of laughed about being glad to finally get a red light.   Next week I'm not wearing a race shirt ;-)