Monday, July 22, 2013

Barb's Race - T Minus 5 days

When I started typing the title of this post, it occurred to me that I had no idea what "T Minus" even I Googled it...just to make sure I was using the term correctly :-)

According to Wikipedia, T Minus is...
"...a sequence of counting backward to indicate the seconds, days, or other time units remaining before an event occurs or a deadline expires. The "T" in T-minus stands for "Test".[1] Some events for which a countdown is used include the launch of a rocket or spacecraft, the detonation of a bomb, the start of a race..."

When I think of counting down to Barb's Race, I think comparing it to the detonation of a bomb is more appropriate than the start of a race. 

Airplane Dreams

In the past (over 20 years ago), when things were really, really stressful I would have a recurring dream about an airplane falling out of the sky and killing me (and usually HS too). Mind you, we were not on the plane, we were on the ground and the plane smashed us. One time the dream went beyond the actual crash and I saw myself in the hospital. Only I was dead and walking the hallways looking for A & L. An angel then came to me and told me not to worry, that the girls were going to be OK. 

This particular dream was so real that I actually woke up crying! After that dream, I developed a terrible fear of flying. Of course the fear of flying makes absolutely no sense because I wasn't killed while flying. If I wanted my dreams to make sense, I should freak out every time a plane flies over me (well actually, I do...just a little). 

Like I said, this was a long time ago and during a time of incredible problems, bankruptcy, IRS. On top of that, I had two little kids and was still in my early 20's...not entirely mature enough to deal with this kind of stuff. Thankfully, I had HS and while these problems were stressful for our marriage, I think we came out stronger and I haven't had an "airplane" dream since.

Correction...I haven't had an "airplane" dream until last night. This was not a fall out of the sky, smash me airplane dream this was just a weird, random airplane dream. In this airplane dream, I am traveling somewhere but I don't know where. I am on a large private airplane and one of the pilots was the ex-Public Works director. He wasn't mean or unapproachable when I worked for him. However, he was someone I avoided at all costs because he scared the crap out of me...which explains why I didn't even question him about why he was flying the plane.

The plane in my dream was so big that it was like sitting in a living room (no windows though, not even the little oval airplane windows). My dad made a brief appearance and for a moment I didn't think I was going to be able to get on the plane because I couldn't find my passport. We also landed in some rural area and had to use the road as a landing strip. This stop was so someone on the plane could visits their friends/relatives. At that point, I saw my co-worker Carol and she was playing with a baby which she let me hold for a while. Then we got back on the plane and started flying again.

When I look back at my previous airplane dreams, it is obvious that the plane represents all of the financial problems we were having and how I felt that I had no control over things. That the problems were just falling out of the sky and crushing me. Now, this new dream...I'm not so sure, but I think it has something to do with Barb's Race ;-)
  • Airplane = Loss of control (I am a terrible control freak)
  • Unknown destination = Barb's Race, not sure what to expect
  • Lost passport = Forgotten ID and USAT card
  • Dad = ???
  • Ex-boss = ???
  • Co-worker = ???
  • Baby = ???
  • Big plane with no windows = ???
Anybody have any ideas?