Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Journey from Fat to Fit

Sunday afternoon, after we got back from the Tri for Real #2, Hot Stuff and I were relaxing in the pool and discussing triathlons, racing, and fitness. The topic of my former, larger size came up and HS suggested I post a picture showing everyone who didn't know me back then what I looked like.

My low point - November 2008

The picture above was taken on the U.S.S. Missouri while HS and I were in Hawaii. Most of the pictures from this trip were either head shots or pictures where I tried to hide my body behind something. This was the heaviest I had been since I was pregnant...I'm not even sure how heavy I was because I would not get on a scale. My best guess is over 185 lbs! I was miserable on this trip and vowed to make some changes when I got home. 


After we returned home and the holidays were over, I started doing the Atkins diet AGAIN. It had worked in the past but was not a long term solution. I continued yo-yo dieting for several months with only a slight reduction in my weight. In July 2009, a group of co-workers began doing P90X. One co-worker gave me a copy of the workout so I could try it.  HS agreed to do the workouts with me and we did our first P90X workout in August.

The workouts were extremely difficult and we spent a lot of time on  the floor looking at the TV trying to figure out what Tony Horton was doing. A few days into the workout, HS asked me if there was a diet that went along with the workouts. I said there was and he insisted that if we were going to kill ourselves with the workouts, that we needed to follow the nutrition plan too.

The next day, I prepared our first P90X breakfast (we didn't normally eat breakfast). HS was shocked when I gave him his 10 egg white omelette. "Are we sharing this?" he asked hopefully.  "Nope," I answered "this is yours, I've got to go make mine".  For the next 90 days, I prepared every meal and snack according to the nutrition plan and the results were amazing. 

The picture above shows my results from the first 90 days of P90X. I went from about 180 lbs. on August 8th to about 145 lbs. on November 4th. After that, HS and I continued to do the workouts, but got away from our strict adherence to the nutrition plan. Over the next two years or so, we did other Beachbody workouts and started hosting Tuesday evening workouts at our warehouse.  Unfortunately, without a nutrition plan to follow, my weight started creeping up again.

Time for a Change

By the summer of 2012, I believe I was back up to about 160 lbs. again. On top of that, we had just rented out our warehouse and could no longer do our group workouts. I was really bummed, because I really liked the social aspect of these workouts. Luckily I found a replacement for the warehouse workouts when I signed up for an "Introduction to Triathlons" class.

Not only did the triathlon class fill my need for some sort of social exercise program it also sparked something inside of me. The goal of having to actually complete a triathlon helped me focus and gave meaning to my workouts. After two years of doing P90X and INSANITY workouts simply to maintain my weight, it was a welcome relief to feel like there was a purpose for exercising.

At my first tri - still a bit heavy

It has taken a while for the weight to come off but I am below my lowest P90X weight and I am in the best shape of my life.

Getting down to my race weight 
Worst Coach Ever

Besides being a former heavy weight, another thing you may not know about me is that I am also a Beachbody coach. My good friends who knew I was a coach probably don't know I'm still doing it...unless they are the few that call me up to buy something with my discount! LOL That's the main reason I signed up to be a coach...just wanted to get the 25% discount on the P90X Results & Recovery  and Shakeology...not to make people buy stuff. 

I still drink my Shakeology everyday :-)
I don't know...I hate recommending something to people when I know I am going to make money off of my recommendation. Maybe that's why I never hesitate to tell people about the triathlon group...I don't make any money off of it...I just love doing it!


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