Sunday, February 9, 2014

5 Days Left of the Experiment - Food on the Brain

I'm really enjoying not counting calories…it's been a nice little break. However, it is killing me not knowing if I've lost or gained weight. If I had to guess, I would say I lost weight…but I've been wrong about theses kind of things before.

While cutting out grains and sugar isn't that big of deal for me, I find myself missing a few of the staples in my diet. Please, no more eggs...I long for a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with sliced green apples for breakfast. I also miss wild rice at dinner and could use a little more fruit. I also want to start drinking P90X Results and Recover drink after my long runs and I want agave on my greek yogurt.

Even though I find myself missing some foods, I've taken this time to try out new recipes…maybe get a few new favorites :-)

Zucchini Pasta

On Friday, I fixed zucchini pasta with a meat sauce from Angelina's. HS argues that if it is made out of zucchini, it is not pasta. I countered with the fact that gnocchi is made from potatoes and that it is considered a pasta. If its long and noodle-y, it's pasta to me.

Although I have a nice stainless steel mandolin, and could have probably made veggie strips with it, they wouldn't have been spirals. I wanted the curly cues to add to the pasta-esque of my dinner. So I followed Lindsey's lead and ordered a GEFU Spiral Cutter.

Zucchini and yellow squash 
Regardless of HS's opinion on "authentic" pasta, the zucchini pasta was delicious and very satisfying. It was so good in fact, that I plan on doing a "kid test" and fixing it for his grand kids.

I could have eaten two bowls of this!
Cauliflower Pizza - Take 2

Since I was not happy with my first attempt at cauliflower pizza crust, I decided to try it again and this time I followed directions.

Looks like dough this time
This time I used a towel to wring out all of the moisture from the cauliflower. I was amazed at how much actually came out…going by touch, I thought the cauliflower felt pretty dry after I cooked it.

Ready for the oven

Homemade sauce
On my first attempt at this pizza, I bought a jar of organic pizza sauce. It was thin and runny and I had to try and cook it down to try and thicken it up. This time I used a can of tomato sauce and a can of tomato paste and then seasoned it with italian spices and garlic. Much better…and cheaper too!

Finished product

This time we added some roasted tomatoes along with the pepperoni. I think I'll do a sausage and mushroom next time. While the crust still isn't strong enough so you can pick up a slice and stuff it into your face, it is really good.

Banana Treat

Ok, I saw this posted on Lindsey's Facebook and new I needed to try it. I've been dying for something sweet and thought this would be perfect.

I sliced three bananas, put them in a ziplock bag and placed them in the freezer. After they were frozen,   I took the bananas and blended them with coconut milk. It was good, but the bananas were barely ripe…closer to being green than brown. I think if I would have used bananas that were just a bit riper, the sweetness would have been ideal. Instead, my dessert had a hint of  green banana taste. Oh well, just like the cauliflower pizza, there is always another chance.

Frozen banana goodness