Monday, February 10, 2014

New Shoes or Recovery? - Experiment Day 31

Last week I was so happy to share my base training results with my Lodi Masters teammates. I was seeing an improvement that I didn't think was possible at such a low effort level. I even put my results into a spreadsheet to share…

I was so proud of these results
Then came Friday. I went on a long run with HS and my legs were dead. On top of that, my heart rate was hovering over 150+ instead of down around 148. My pace was horrible and I felt that the results I had shared only days earlier were some sort of mistake. I was feeling quite devastated and didn't want to tell anybody how my training had taken such a sharp down turn.

A New Day, A New Pair of Shoes

Saturday I went to Fleet Feet and used my $120 worth of "safety bucks" (I work in such a dangerous office) to buy the Adidas Energy Boost shoes I had been eyeing since first trying them out in December. I tried the shoes out a couple of days after CIM at a Fleet Feet Tuesdays night run. They felt great, but since I had recently purchased a pair of On Cloud Surfers, I new I had to wait before buying a new pair.

Cloudsurfers vs. Adidas
Runner's World named the Energy Boost the Best Debut and it is easy to see why. They are light and responsive, but still feel soft under foot. It's hard to explain…must be that fancy foam they use. They make more of a slapping noise than the super-quiet On Cloudsurfers, but they look 10x better. It's hard to get past the "clouds" on the bottom of the On's…they are just a little strange looking for my taste.

Anyway, I had my new shoes on today and they felt great and I am running faster than I have gone so far in my base training…much faster than Friday's dismal run. What is going on?

Monday vs Friday

I'm not sure where my increase energy and lower heart rate came from today, but I'll take it. I am so happy to see improvement! Perhaps I was better fueled than I was on Friday. Maybe my legs were rested. Who knows?  LOL