Monday, March 17, 2014

Clean Eating - Take 527

I don't know how many times I've vowed to clean up my act, but it's Monday and I am once again swearing that I'm going to clean up my diet. Of course, this past weekend was HS's birthday so we had birthday cake on Saturday at his party and again last night just because...UGH! Ok, no more birthday cake for a while!

Tried to have a healthy spread at the party...the cake was
the worst thing we served


Saturday morning, before his birthday party, HS and I headed to the New Horizon Church in Galt to participate in a fundraiser for their Mission 360 ride (I would love to organize something like this for our church). As we were leaving the house, I realized that I had left my Garmin on overnight and that the battery was nearly dead. Crap!

I grabbed the USB cord and figured I would charge it in the truck on the way to the ride. HS realized that he also needed to charge his Garmin, so we grabbed his cord too. I plugged my Garmin into the truck's USB port and it immediately started charging. Once I got up to 70%, I unplugged my watch and plugged in HS's bike computer. My watch chirped on, which seemed odd, so I shut it off and forgot about it until the start of our ride.

A few minutes before we were due to head out on our 48 mile journey I turned my Garmin on so it could locate the satellites. The initial screen popped up...and stayed up...and stayed up...and stayed up...hmmm, something is wrong. I tried shutting it down. Nothing. I grabbed my phone and Googled "910XT locked up". I found a few suggestions and tried them, but nothing seemed to work. At the same time, HS noticed that his back wheel wasn't spinning freely. As he and Paul tried to figure out what was wrong, I went back to the truck to plug my Garmin back in and hopefully "shock" it back to life. Unfortunately it didn't work.

I watched as all the riders, including our teammate Nancy, headed out of the parking lot, leaving the three of us to fiddle with malfunctioning equipment. I gave up trying to get my watch to work and headed back over to Paul and HS. Apparently HS had a loose spoke, but they fixed it and he was ready to go. When I  told them that my watch wasn't working, Paul offered to let me wear his Garmin 910XT because he knows how anal I can be about recording my rides. I thanked him, but said I would be fine just getting his data from him after the ride. Of course this meant I was going to have to keep up with him!

The rest of the ride was uneventful in terms of equipment. I hung on Paul's wheel for about 95% of the ride, but he said he was fine with taking the lead. HS hung with us until Kost Rd...which was so rough I thought my bike was going to break apart. I wanted desperately to stop at that point. I even checked with Paul to see what our distance was (I was worried we were on the wrong road).  He said we had about 5-6 miles to go at that point, so I kept going.

Unfortunately, I was so thrown by my Garmin not working right that I didn't take any pictures of the ride. The only shot I got was of the lunch afterwards, which by the way, was EXCELLENT!

Some of the best pesto I have ever eaten!

Sunday Funday

My best time on James' Speedstar route is 1:13. James said a good time would be about 1:05. Ok, challenge accepted. Even though my legs were a little tired from Saturday's ride, they felt no where near as bad as they did last week following the Lake Camanche to Valley Springs ride. I knew that in order to improve my time I was going to have to average around 19-20 mph. This meant I could not dawdle during the initial part of the ride. I was going to have to push myself from the beginning.

As soon as we left the parking lot of House of Coffee, I was on it. My time for the ride was 1:03.21. Next time, my goal will be to get the same time without stopping at the bank in Lockeford. Once I reach that goal, I will focus on dropping the time.

The whole point of all this is to increase my speed for Barb's race. Last year I averaged 17 mph…this year I want it to be about 18-19.

March 16 Speedstar Stats