Monday, March 31, 2014

Redemption Race - Ice Breaker Take 2

Last year I did the Ice Breaker Triathlon at Folsom Lake. It was my second triathlon ever. It was also my worst triathlon performance to date. In fact, it was so bad that even after my race report, I wrote/whined about the race in 10 more posts! This post brings the total to 11.

Last year, in one of my many Ice Breaker posts, I wrote...
"During the transition clinic, Coach James presented me with a cap from his Ice Breaker Swim. This Saturday was the official end of the pity party (over my swim) and the cap was a great way to end it!  I am looking forward to my next swim and I swear I am going to relax and not race!"

I guess the pity party is over, but the race has not been forgotten. This coming Saturday, I am doing the race again. It is a redemption race. My one and only goal is to finish feeling good about my race.

The difference between having a bad race and a great race!
I want to be smiling like my sister is in the picture above. This was her at her very first triathlon and she looks like she's having a on the other hand, know...LOL