Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Long Weekend (5 more to go)


Since I was off work Friday, I took care of some much needed housework and laundry. I also ordered the replacement parts for the cockpit of my bike. Once I was sufficiently caught up on everything, I started looking at my training schedule for the weekend...this was going to be a long, hot weekend...

90% of my laundry is workout clothes...it doesn't need to be folded :-)
Although it wasn’t on my training schedule, I decided to go for an easy 60 minute run in the afternoon, just to start to get better acclimated to the heat. I’m not sure of the exact temp, but it felt hot and I wilted within a couple of miles. I finished off the afternoon with the scheduled swim workout, but pulled the plug early due to toe cramps (no doubt caused by my impromptu run).

That afternoon I got a message from Coach K…”Racing or training?” I replied that I was training. I had been thinking about doing the Sacramento International Triathlon on Sunday. However, when I floated the idea past Coach K he asked me “Do you think you need endurance or speed?” So I thought about it and decided that endurance is what I needed because there probably isn’t going to be anything speedy about Vineman.


Since HS was unable to ride with me, I decided to do Spinervals Hardcore 100. Actually, I only intended to ride for 4-1/2 hours (my scheduled workout) but once you are 4-1/2 hours into a 5-1/2 hour DVD/trainer ride, you just can’t stop…not that close to the finish.

My view for 5-1/2 hours

After I finished Spinervals, I changed out of my soaking wet riding shorts and into some running shorts and headed out the door. It was hot and it wasn’t even noon yet. Those were the longest two miles I have ran in a long time! 

Trying out a GU alternative
Saturday afternoon while shopping with HS, I told him I was probably going to die on my Sunday long run because it was so hot out. He replied “You need to get used to the heat.” I agreed and added that it was going to be a long, slow 18 miles. “Oh, you have to do 18 miles?” he asked, sort of surprised. I answered “Yes! That’s why I think I’m going to die!” LOL


Early, early Sunday morning the dog started whimpering to go outside. I let him out and crawled back into bed and started weighing my options. How early would it be light out? How hot will it be after church? Should I split my run? I laid there for a while wishing I could just fall back to sleep and forget all of this running stuff. At 3:40am HS rolled over and asks “If you start running at 4:00, you’ll be done by 7:00, right?” He was trying to figure out if we would still make it to church on time (he has to be there early when he is head usher).

“Yeah, in theory” I answered. Was he serious? “You want me to make coffee?” 

I rolled out of bed and headed to the kitchen to start some coffee. The next thing I know is HS is standing there in the kitchen, dressed and ready to go. Crap! He’s serious. I shoveled in a bowl of cereal and went to change into my running gear.

Holy head lamp, Batman!
The run went pretty well. I started out slower than normal because I couldn't see my Garmin in the dark. That may have been a blessing in disguise. I was able to finish my run a little faster than I started and not feeling all that bad. I did end up with a blister on my heel because I opted for a different type of sock. My Feetures! socks always feel like they are squeezing my feet so I wanted something a little more comfy. That was a stupid mistake and by the end of my run, the heel had slipped a bit and rubbed a hole in the back of my ankle.

Next Weekend

I like knowing what Coach K has in store for me, so I always look ahead on my training calendar. I think I'm secretly hoping to see the start of my taper (less than 40 days to go!!) Anyway, I took a peek at next weekend. It's going to be longer (and probably hotter) that this past weekend. What can I say? Bring it!!!

I'm ready for next weekend!