Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nothing Fancy

Stockholm Syndrome - Stockholm Syndrome is when a hostage, kidnap victim or abuse victim (triathlete) develops a sense of loyalty or co-operation towards their captor or abuser (triathlon coach), disregarding the abuse or the danger and protecting or sustaining the perpetrator.
Gotta think about something on a long ride :-)
This past Saturday, I hated my coach. My “non woosie” ride felt slow. I was probably still feeling the effects of my 2+ hour interval ride in 100 degree heat two days prior. Anyway, all I could think about during my ride was how tired my legs felt and how Coach K had a 22 mile run scheduled for me the next day. Is that man insane? Is he trying to kill me? What is wrong with 18 or 20 miles? Does this extra 2-4 miles really do anything for me other than torture me for an extra 20 minutes?

Breakthrough Run

Coach K called the 22 mile run a “breakthrough” run. He described it asNothing fancy.

Especially on a 22 mile run!

During my super slow “breakthrough” run (I think he meant “breakdown” LOL) I had plenty of time to ponder the error of my ways. What was I thinking signing up for a 140.6 mile race? Coach K isn’t the insane one, I am! On top of that, I’m paying him money to come up with ways to torture me! How stupid is that? Sunday’s thermometer was relatively cooler at 90+ degrees, but it was still hot and my slow pace gave me plenty of time to work on my tan and think about how stupid all this training is.


Monday I checked in with Coach K and reported the following…

He explained that it was an overload so slow was OK. He then gave me a “complete rest day” with an easy ride the following day? OMG!

This guy is the BEST COACH EVER!

     The man is a genius!

          A complete rest day!!

               Two Mondays in a row!!!

                    What did I do to deserve this???

And that is when it dawned on me that I may have Stockholm Syndrome. A mere 24 hours earlier I was cursing him and his stupid workout schedule and now he is a freakin’ hero?!?!

Taper Time

Pretty soon he’s going to be scheduling my taper. I can just see it now…

Coach K: “Here’s the first week of your taper…time to ease up a bit”
Me: “Really? I get a taper? Y-O-U  A-R-E  A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!” 
Coach K: “Yeah, I know…but first you need to rob a bank.” 
Me: “Hmmm, OK…but I get to taper after that, right?”