Monday, June 22, 2015

Short and Sweet (Unlike My Workouts)

Tale of the Tape
  • Swim = 4,200y, 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Bike = 109 miles, 5 hours 42 minutes
  • Run = 20 miles, 3 hours 9 minutes


I did my longest swim to date…and I mean EVER in my life!  I managed to get 4,200y done in about an hour and 20 minutes and that included my time on the wall. Not bad for me. Now if I can swim that well in the race J


I was at a loss for where to ride on Saturday. I wanted to go do the Vineman course, but there was a scheduling miscommunication, so that ride was moved back a week. Instead of Vineman, I opted to do the Pancake ride. Since this ride is typically about 4+ hours, I got on the trainer for roughly an hour before the ride. Once I got home from the ride, I did loops around my neighborhood for another 45 minutes to try and reach my scheduled 5-1/2 hour ride time.

I was pretty pleased with myself until I saw Coach K’s comment on next Saturday's long ride…”no woosy flat rides.” Whatever!!!  LOL


This was the toughest workout for me this weekend. Mentally I was done. I had no desire to get up and go run. When I finally managed to get dressed and out the door, I just wanted to cry. I stood in front of my house waiting for my Garmin to sync up with tears in my eyes. I don’t want to do this…I want to go back to bed…I don’t want to run.

I need to be more like Carl

Please, please, please I begged my legs…just one step, it will get better…I promise. I eventually started moving and when my Garmin chirped at the completion of mile one, the only thing I could think was “one down, nineteen to go”. It was enough to almost make me start crying again. Somehow I managed to get through all 20 miles and at a slightly better pace than last week. I was never more happy to be done with a workout than I was on Sunday!