Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fleet Feet Run (Junk Miles)

Usually I don't eat before heading to Fleet Feet for the Tuesday night run (well, maybe just a little snack). This afternoon, however, HS was hungry so I fixed us some tuna sandwiches. I finished mine about 4:30...this was probably a little too close to the 5:30 start time for the run. Especially since I planned on running down to Fleet Feet a little after 5:00. Never being one to skip a scheduled workout, I changed my clothes and got ready to go.
These were supposed to be for James

HS said he was going to drive to the store and would see me down there.  He said he didn't think he was going to be able to run after eating two sandwiches and some Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon Rolled Tortilla Chips (he had planned to give them to James). 

HS changed his mind about running after I left and decided to wash my dirty, dirty car (Thank you, Honey!!) He was smart in not trying to run. I suffered tonight, not so much because of my one sandwich (although there were quite a few vurps), but just because my legs felt so tired.

Junk Miles

Mr. T showed up to run tonight. I wasn't expecting him, but it was nice to have someone to run with even if I felt guilty for holding him back. I told him he didn't have to stay with me but he said it was ok because they were "junk" miles anyways. "Junk miles" you say? What are "junk miles"?

According to Mr. T, junk miles are just miles you run to get the work in, but not to hit a certain pace. Hmmm...me likey that idea! Just have to make sure that every workout isn't junk miles. LOL

Besides teaching me about junk miles, Mr. T also tried to help me recover from sticking my foot in my mouth. Previously we had discussed a plan of attack for Heavy Breather/Drafter Dude. This guy will follow right behind you and then blast past you on Ben Holt. Mr. T pointed out that it is only a brief surge to get him out in front and then he goes back to his normal pace.

While we were running I remarked that I was glad that HBDD wasn't running tonight. Mr. T then said that HBDD was running and I said something (can't remember exactly what). At that point, Mr. T said "Looks like we have company. Hey how's it going?" UGH!!! HBDD was right behind us when I was talking about him.  LOL! Hopefully he didn't realize I was talking about him ;-)

After looking at my splits, the run wasn't as bad as I thought even though I felt like crap while running!

Food for Thought

I got to thinking after the run tonight that there is so much I still need to learn about triathlons (and running). I haven't even be doing triathlons for a year so I know a lot of my progress is simply fitness gains from doing things that I never did before.  That being said, as my second year approaches, I know I am going to have to step it up. 

I have a "training bible" but it may as well be written in a different language. I don't know if I will ever be able to make sense of the workout strategies described. I considered asking HS to read it and come up with a workout plan for me, but that would be asking a lot from him. Plus I know I have a hard time having ANYONE tell me what to do (hey, at least I can admit it!)

I've got about a month and a half to figure out how I want to handle my second year (so I can continue to improve). For now I am simply going to enjoy the journey and focus on Barb's Race.