Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Night Fleet Feet Run (No beer, prizes or Tony)

Tuesday's Fleet Feet run was well attended although much quieter than usual. Tony was not at the store so everyone just basically showed up and ran.  No rah rah speech or crazy antics, just running.

HS decided to run to run with me to the store from our house (instead of taking the truck). When the run started, he took off like a bat out of hell. I thought that maybe he was trying to hurt himself so he didn't have to do the triathlon on Sunday ;-) I had the honor of running with Mr. T tonight (how many people can say that!). I pity da foo!

Wore my new tri top tonight
Fashion Break

I tried out my new tri top by Betty Designs (never try anything new on race day!)  I really like the looks of their clothes and the fit is not bad either. My only complaint is that the built in bra is a bit lacking in the support department and I had to wear a sports bra underneath.  What I really liked about Betty Designs is that the owner/designer emailed me back when I asked a question about the fit. Talk about service!

Eventually I would like to try out a SOAS Racing outfit, but all of their stuff is sold out everywhere I look! Anyway, I'm going to be wearing the complete Betty Designs outfit this Sunday at the Father's Day Triathlon.  The shorts say "Kick Butt" on the back, but it's covered with the shirt ;-)

Now back to the run...

The 1.25 miles from the house to Fleet Feet was basically a warm-up. The 4.8 +/- miles of the Fleet Feet run was at a pretty good pace (especially with the way I've been feeling). I wasn't entirely sure who was pushing who through the run. Sometimes I thought I was pushing Mr. T, but then other times, he was definitely pushing me! I considered walking (I always consider walking Ha Ha) but I could not have Mr. T report back to BFF that I walked.

We got back to the store and cooled down/stretched a bit before heading home. HS hitched a ride with Mr. T and I ran home with Nancy (I need to figure out a nickname for her). Actually, I ran as far as my house and Nancy had to go little bit further on her own. It was nice to have a female running buddy to chat with for a change ;-)

Tuesday Fleet Feet Run by tpengilly at Garmin Connect - Details

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