Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fleet Feet Tuesday Night Run

I love going on Tuesday nights to run with the group at Fleet Feet.  Yes, I am often by myself on the 5 mile route, but it's the time before and after the run, swapping race stories and training tips with the other runners, that makes it so enjoyable. I'm happy to see +James (who absolutely LOVES running) making a regular appearance.  And of course I would never have met the newest member of LMT, Nancy, if I hadn't been doing the Fleet Feet runs. The people are the reason the Tuesday night Fleet Feet run is one of my favorite workouts of the week.

My plan for this Tuesday was to try and take things easy.  I was relieved to see that the fast chick from last week was not there because I probably would have hurt myself. I kept a slower pace and hopefully saved my legs for this Sunday's Avenue of the Vines :-)

Fleet Feet Tuesday Night Run by tpengilly at Garmin Connect - Details

Search for Shoes

Last Saturday, I went to Fleet Feet to have them order a pair of the Asics Gel-Noosa 8.  I had tried them on at Dillard's and was convinced that I wanted these shoes.  On Monday I received a call from Fleet Feet telling me that the shoes were not available.  Ugh!!!  On Tuesday, I ran over to Dillard's to buy the shoes.  I had planned to just run in and buy my size, but I decided to take a minute and try them on again.
No bueno!

The salesman brought out the shoes, I put them on and tried jogging around a bit.  To my dismay, there was a piece of vinyl/plastic on the top of the shoe that dug into the top of my foot when the shoe flexed.  I tried a different pair on, same problem.  I have shoes that hurt my feet, I didn't want another pair.  So, as much as I loved the flash and the color of these shoes, I decided to take a pass.

I asked Hot Stuff to take me over to Fleet Feet a little bit early so I could pick out a different pair of shoes.  At this point, I had decided to stick with my favorite...the Brooks Pure Cadence.  My current pair have over 600 miles on them!  I initially bought them for the hot pink color, but kept running in them because I loved the way they felt. Unfortunately, Fleet Feet didn't have my size (damn my big feet) in the current version.  I was bound and determined to get a pair of shoes, so I asked if I could try on the New Balance shoes I liked from the demo run.

The salesman at Fleet Feet told me he wasn't sure if he could sell me the New Balance because my Brooks were a stability shoe. What??? You don't know if you can sell me those shoes?  Have you heard of the internet?  Because I'm pretty sure that there are hundreds of stores online that will sell me the shoes I want. He said he needed to check my gait and watch me run.

I jogged back and forth for him and he relented and brought out the New Balance.  When he opened the box, I remembered the ugly color scheme.  "Do you have these in a different color?" I asked.  "No," he answered, these are the v3. Ugh! Nevermind...

At this point, Tony came over and asked if I had gotten the message about the Gel-Noosa's.  I told him the story about going over to Dillard's and not liking how they felt.  I said I wanted to try the new version of the Brooks Pure Cadence but that he didn't have my size.  After thinking about it for a while, I decided to have him order me a pair in black and white.  Hopefully they will feel as wonderful as my current shoes.  I am going to miss the flash of the hot pink, so I think I'll order some hot pink bungee laces to spice these shoes up a bit.
No flash, but they will match most of my outfits!

Wednesday Night Swim

Monday night's swim was an eye opener for me.  Yes, it was a recovery swim and I wasn't exactly killing myself, but I only swam for about 28 minutes out of the hour I was there.  On top of that, I only burned 250 calories.  I am going to remind myself of this next time I come home from the pool and think I deserve a treat.  I ran for 40 minutes on Tuesday and burned 700 calories!

While swimming is an essential part of my triathlon training, it is not what is going to get me to my race weight.  Running and biking, combined with a smart nutrition plan is what is going to slim me down. My plan tonight is to swim for 45 minutes out of the hour ;-)