Saturday, May 25, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

Blog Stats

I occasionally check the stats on the blog dashboard to see which posts are being read. So far this month, my most popular post is the one about my meltdown, and it's less than a week old. I Guess no one really likes the positive posts...only the ones about mental breakdowns and crying and wanting to give up. I'll remember that in the future.

About Alcatraz

One word = NO! 

There is a swim in San Francisco that goes from Alcatraz to the city. This race is called "Alcatraz Sharkfest".  I'm pretty sure this is the race that and +Stephanie and Coach John keep trying to convince me to do.
Just sayin' 

Couple of things:

1) It has the word SHARK in the title!  Hello??? For those of you that say there are no sharks in the bay, check out the article "Sharks of San Francisco Bay". The leopard shark is the most popular, however, "other sharks visit the Bay, including the Great White Sharks".  Nuff said.

2) This warning from the race website:
PLEASE NOTE: This swim is not for novices. This event is for experienced open-water swimmers only. You should be able to swim one mile comfortably in a pool in under 40 minutes.
Please define "comfortably".

3) I had a freak out in Folsom lake because it was choppy and cold.  Do you think SF bay will be choppy and cold? Yeah, that's what I thought.

You see, in the list of things I would like to do in my life, swimming in freezing cold, shark-infested waters with hundreds of crazy people ranks one notch above sky diving (which I NEVER plan on doing).  Now, if Stephanie came to me and said, "Hey, I know we really haven't been training for it, but lets do an Ironman race next month." I would be like "Sure, I'll give it a try. What's the worse that can happen?" :-)

Tri Weirdness

So the latest book I have been reading is called "Sex, Lies and Triathlon" by Leib Dodell. It's a collection of short musings about all the crazy and weird things that triathletes do. +Hot Stuff asked if the author mentioned obsessive reading of triathlon books. Very funny, Hot Stuff!

Funny... great for the bathroom :-)

Shoes and Socks

I finally got the call I had been waiting for...Fleet Feet got the shoes that I had ordered! Woo Hoo! As soon as I got home from work I told Hot Stuff that my shoes had come in and I needed to go pick them up. I went to my room to get a pair of socks, remembering that I dare not show up with cotton socks, lest Tony sees them and tells me that "cotton is rotten". So, in order to not offend, I looked for a pair of good running socks.

On my nightstand was a pair of Feetures! that I vaguely remembered wearing during Avenue of the Vines last week. Why were they still on my nightstand? Why did I put them there instead of the hamper? Oh, well, I looked at the socks to see if they were clean.  They had faint traces of dirt on the bottoms, probably from walking around without my shoes on. So I smelled them...Not bad, but the dirty bottoms made them unacceptable for a new shoe fitting. 

To my amazement, I put them back on my nightstand to wear later. 

OMG! I think I'm turning into a guy ;-) 

Partners in Crime

It's bad enough sitting alone in your office longing to be outside in the sunshine swimming or biking or running. Its hard not to go in search of a supervisor to sign a leave slip just so you don't have to wait a few extra hours to get off of work.  Its exceptionally difficult when you work with your tri peeps and they are thinking the same thing.  It's like a virus running through the office and the next thing you know you are up in Sacramento getting ready to go for a ride with all the bad influences you work with. 

Team Public Works
A Book by Its Cover

Went to dinner last night with Hot Stuff, Loo and Max. There was a group of women in the bar that we could see from our table. One of the ladies was incredibly fit and tan, and had hair that may have been exposed to more chemicals than just the ones at the beauty salon (i.e. chlorine).  Since we were in Folsom, I figured she was probably a triathlete. Hot Stuff was thinking the same thing...sort of.  He leans over to me and ask "Do you think she's a triathlete or a lesbian?"  

What the heck does that mean???

Final Thoughts

Wonder twin powers...activate!!!