Sunday, May 5, 2013

Random Thoughts During My Sunday Run

Next week I have the Angels Camp triathlon so I shortened my mileage a bit. The temps seemed a little cooler than last week but I was still hot by the end of the run.  Hot Stuff was working on his bike, so he didn't catch up with me until the last few miles of my run. This gave me plenty of time to think.  Here's some of my random thoughts...actually, it's more of a list of pet peeves...people were really irritating me today :-)

  • The sidewalk is NOT your personal parking space.  Do you really think your car is safer half-way on the sidewalk?  I would be more concerned with kids on bikes than cars.
  • Your "friendly" dog just barked and came after me.  I do not believe "he would just kiss me to death" as you claim.  If your dog likes to chase runners, perhaps it should be on a leash.  I would really hate to kick your dog in front of you.
  • McDonald's isn't going anywhere. You do not have to run me over to make it to the drive-thru 5 seconds faster.
  • Red lights are not optional.
  • I am thankful the City of Stockton has one working drinking fountain at Grupe Park (and I know where it is).
  • If you are riding your bike on the sidewalk and you see a pedestrian or runner, get off the sidewalk.

Upcoming Races

The rest of my thoughts focused on my next two races...what shoes I'm going to wear, am I going to bring my iPod to Avenue of the Vines, should I get new shoes, what should I eat on race day...stuff like that. I wondered if I would beat my time from last year.  I wondered how hot or cold it would be on race day. I focused on the small stuff, because thinking about the actual races made me feel a little sick.

I'm starting to get really nervous about Angels Camp.  Just thinking about that race makes my heart start beating faster and my knees weak. My mind wandered to thoughts of the race while I was waiting for church to begin and I started feeling really anxious.  I need to get a grip.  It's only a race and I know it is a distance I can handle.  I guess it will get better after I get a few more races under my belt.

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