Friday, December 27, 2013

Goodbye Sugar and Grains

One of my weaknesses is ordering triathlon books on my Kindle. Luckily, I signed up for Amazon Prime, so I get to "check out" a book once a month for free. The other day I checked out "My Half Ironman Experience: Insight on what to expect for your first race". Let me just say that I've read articles in Triathlon magazine that are longer and have more info than this "book". I'm just glad I didn't spend $2.99 to purchase it!

Anyway, after finishing this very, very short book, I looked at the bottom of the Kindle screen where Amazon makes recommendations based on my previous purchases. Of course everything is triathlon based (or so I thought), so I scrolled through the choices looking for something that had good reviews.

I stopped at a book called "Fitness Confidential". Without really researching what the book was about, I ordered it. After reading the first chapter, I realized it wasn't a triathlon book but a fitness and nutrition book.

The pic was pretty small on my Kindle, so I thought it was
just a triathlete on the cover

Time to Start Over…Again

I woke up this morning feeling bloated and crappy from all the food and drink I indulged in during the Christmas holiday. I vowed to clean up my act and get back on track. First thing I did was post this in our tri group's special nutrition Facebook page…

This post was a link to the Food Matters tip page… it read:
#FMtip Inflammation from bacterial endotoxins may be a factor helping to drive the obesity epidemic. Junk food causes nasty microbes to bloom and friendly bugs to decline, just as sugar and refined carbohydrates feed the bacteria in your mouth that are responsible for tooth decay.
I promptly tossed the left over candy canes. I then picked up "Fitness Confidential" and started reading again. I was finally getting to the good stuff…Chapter 3 "The Non-Diet"…I like the way this sounds.

Funny Coincidence

The chapter begins with how people say how they've either been "good" or "bad"in terms of their diet…it then moves into discussing trendy diets that don't work and then why we fail on diets and end up gaining our weight back and then some. Ok…come on…just tell me what your "non-trendy" plan is…I'm sure we will all look back on this one and laugh too…

Here's the author's weight loss secret…
Wow! That was just what I announced I was going to do on the group's Facebook page…I was getting rid of sugar and grains! Maybe this was a sign :-)

The book continues…
You didn't know what I was going to say, but you were hoping it was some kind of trick you'd never heard before. But even though you may not realize it yet, what I just told you is magical. If you just do it, if you just - 
--then you are going to be thin. It's that simple. Notice what I didn't say. 
  • I didn't say you need to count calories
  • I didn't say you need to eat low fat
  • I didn't say you had to watch your portions
  • I didn't say you need to exercise an hour a day
The reason I didn't say you need to do those things is because you are not on a diet.
I'm always able to tell when a new client will fail at losing weight long term when they ask me "how long will it take me to lose this weight?" I have a standard Vinnie-ism I give them in reply. 
"Why? Are you going to stop when you get there?"
That's a lot to think about, but it makes sense.

No One Can Eat Just One

The author of "Fitness Confidential" has his own website (who doesn't) with a lot of good info. One of the top posts is called "Ruffles and Hormones and Weight Gain, Oh My"…basically it's about why we can't eat just one potato chip…and of course it reminded me of +James and his admitted weakness for chips. My weakness is bread and pasta. I can't have one slice of bread or one serving of pasta. I guess my answer is to not have the bread or pasta in the first place.

While I like the idea of not counting calories or watching portions, I will honestly admit that it makes me a little sad to give up some of my favorites foods.