Monday, December 23, 2013

P90X3 - Start of Week 2

Today was day 8 of P90X3 and the workout du jour was Total Synergistics. So far, this is my favorite. It works everything...arms, legs, core. The time just seemed to fly by today...probably because I'm a little more familiar with the moves and able to spend more time working out and less time staring at the TV.

One week down!
Here's a list of the moves...

  1. Push-Up/Side Arm Balance: Of course, why not? Let's start with push-ups.
  2. Crescent Chair: Lower body/balance.
  3. Pull Knee Pull: No pull-ups for me...used the bands.
  4. Flip Flop Crunch: CORE!
  5. Crawly Plyo Push-Ups: Core work with push-ups.
  6. Releve-Plie, Weighted: Wide stance, heels up, and squat...with weights.
  7. Chin-Up Circle Crunch: More pull-ups, another go with the bands.
  8. Boat Plow: CORE!
  9. Balance Arch Press: Weighted balance move
  10. Hop Press: Squats and weights, FUN!
  11. Glamour Hammer: Balance on one leg and do hammer curls, switch.
  12. Branon Boat: One word...HARD! More core work.
  13. Flying Warrior: Another balance move with weights.
  14. Squat Rockers: More squats with weights.
  15. Side Rise Punch: Core work (side plank) with a dumbbell.
  16. Warrior Squat Moon: Lower body balance move.
As you can see, there is a lot going on in half and hour.

Crawly Plyo Push-up Selfie
Here's the official description of this move:

"In a low plank, with your torso hovering above the floor, bring your right knee and elbow together and explode off the ground, switching your knee and elbow in the air."

GOOD NEWS! All move can be modified.

So many workouts, so little time.
Last week I followed Total Synergistics with a short run. Today I opted to just do the workout and then rest. My right arch has been bugging me, so I figured it was best to give it a break this week.