Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Like a Flabby Arm Spanking Machine

Since its been over a month since I've been in the water, I decided to head over to 24 Hour Fitness to see if I was still water safe. A quick glance at their class schedule told me all I needed to know…there was an "Aqua" class at 9:15am. As Kramer describes it in a class Seinfeld episode... "35 geriatrics throwing elbows"...

Would this be the same as swimming in the Delta?

Hot Stuff and I waited it out and headed over to the gym about 10:30. This should be more than enough time for the "Aqua" class to finish up. As I entered the women's locker room, I was greeted by several old ladies in swim suits. Yes!!! The class is over!

Unfortunately, a few overachievers were still working out. HS asked what I wanted to do… I responsed "pick a lane and start swimming…they'll get out." HS had two ladies in his lane. One was actually swimming the other stood at the opposite side with her noodle…I'm not sure what she was doing.

I hopped into a lane with two older gentlemen…both were walking and a couple of times I had to swim in between them. Eventually one of them got out, so HS moved into my lane to make space for another actual swimmer. HS remarked that he didn't think the old guy in our lane was going to leave. I told him that as soon as his vodka ran out he would leave.

"You think he's drinking vodka?" HS asked.

I answered that I wasn't sure, but there was a strange smell in our lane and the old guy had to stop after every 50 and take a drink. As soon as his bottle was empty, the red faced old man left! Woo hoo! So happy to only have to share a lane with Hot Stuff.

Not Done Yet

Of course, once we got home, we had to do our P90X3 workout. Today was CVX which is cardio with weights. My legs left fine, but my arms were definitely tired from the swim.