Sunday, December 14, 2014

Run Just for the Fun of It

Today marks the end of my first week of R&R. Since it followed the California International Marathon, it wasn't that difficult to endure. However, Tuesday afternoon, as I drove home from work, I thought "This would be a nice day for a run".

Today was my first run since the marathon. I left the Garmin and my iPod sitting on the kitchen counter and I went out for a run just for the sake of running. Of course, whenever I do this, my mind tends to wander...

Random Thought #1

I wonder if I would be able to go to the USAT Age Group National Championships following Vineman? This is the second time I have qualified and the second I've already signed up for a race in the same time frame...

Sadly,  since it's two weeks after Vineman...I just don't think trying to do this race is wise...maybe if I qualify again, I will go in 2016.

Random Thought #2

Vineman? Ugh...what was I thinking?  LOL Oh, I remember what I was thinking...I was thinking that if I could do a half iron distance race, I could do a full.

Random Thought #2.1

I wonder if those time prediction calculators are right? I've read that if you take your 70.3 time, double it and add 40 minutes that should give you an idea of how long it will take you to do 140.6. Hmmmm...5:49 x 2 + 40...that puts me somewhere around 12.5. I would be happy with 13 hours.

Random Thought #5

Starbucks smells much better than McDonalds.

Random Thought #6

I wonder what Captain America thought when he got home from CIM and saw what the back of his running tights looked like. Maybe he already knew...I wonder if he knew...I think I would know...LOL

Random Thought #7

I keep looking at my Garmin...I miss my Garmin.

Random Thought #7.1

Without my Garmin, I won't have any data for Training Peaks :-(

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