Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Brick

I was tempted to take the day off following yesterday's Ice Breaker triathlon, but decided against it.  Normally I do a long run on Sunday, but Mike wanted to ride so he could see how his knee felt.  We decided to head north and rode out along Thornton to Peltier and then turned around.  It was pretty windy on our ride.  No matter which way we were riding, it felt like we either had a head wind or cross  wind.

We ended up riding about 30.5 miles at an average pace of 15.4 mph.  Not bad considering the fact that we rode though town part of the way and that it was so windy.

After the ride, I told Mike I was going to go for a run.  My legs were feeling really tired, so I said I was only going to run for about 6 miles.  I downed a bottle of water, a GU packet and a handful of strawberries, and was off.  I was surprised at the pace I was able to maintain and finished my run with an average pace of 8:34 minute miles.  I wish I would have ran like that yesterday!!!

Tomorrow night I will be back in the pool.  My plan is to swim 880 yards (the distance of Ice Breaker) without stopping, hanging on the wall, or fiddling with my goggles.  Mike offered a couple of suggestions to help me with swimming in open water.  One was to run along side me in the pool and continuously splash me in the face.  The other was to hold my head in front of one of the jets in the hot tub.  I think I will pass on both of these.