Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Was This a Punishment Workout?

Tonight's scheduled workout was swimming, but in attempt to ramp things up a bit, I did P90X - Ab Ripper-X before heading to the pool.  It's been a while since I've done this workout, but I got through it OK though I still struggle with the oblique V-ups.

When I got to the pool, James told me that I would be swimming 200's with a 15 second rest and Eric would be swimming 150's. We were to keep doing them until we got tired and at that point we could put fins on. Things started off well, but by the fourth set we were starting to slow down a bit.  During one of our extended 15 second rests, I looked at Eric and asked "Do you think this has anything to do with the nickname?"  Eric responded "Yeah.  He could have just told us he didn't like it!"  We had a good laugh about our predicament and then started our 5th set.  

Actually, James had told us beforehand that we would be working on our endurance, so we expected tonight to be tough.  I completed 8 - 200's before my feet started cramping. Pushing off from the wall seems to set them off. As I get tired I push off harder (trying to get a few extra inches without swimming) and as a result my feet cramp. Either that or its the all the running and biking I'm doing.  Who knows, but it stinks!

On a positive note, I am feeling stronger in the water and a lot more relaxed. I should probably revisit my New Year's resolution about doing flip turns, but I really hate them. Besides, there are no flip turns in open water :-)  

Favorite Workout of the Week

Regardless of how hard the workout is, the Wednesday night swim workout has turned into one of my favorite's of the week (I used to hate it!). There is such a positive vibe at the pool and everyone is making big improvements. On top of that, we had at least 3 new people tonight!

I'm really getting excited for the graduation race and am contemplating whether or not I want to participate or just cheer from the sidelines. Oh, who am I kidding, I wanna race, but I also want to watch everyone.

Plan for Tomorrow

If I wake up early enough, I plan on getting on the trainer in the morning. The afternoon will be a run (hopefully the wind will be gone).