Monday, January 13, 2014

Experiment - Days 3 and 4

Yesterday (Day 3) the weather got a bit blustery so James called off the Speedstar ride. This was fine with me because I was still chilled from Saturday's ride. So, instead of heading outdoors, I set up my road bike on the trainer and pedaled my way through the 49er vs. Carolina game.

Sore Muscles vs. No Fuel

HS and I were up early for church and had some greek yogurt with fresh berries. I figured that I would need the carbs from the berries for the Speedstar ride. After we got home and I found out the ride was called off, I really didn't think too much about what I should be eating. I simply grabbed a bottle of water and started riding.

The first 15 minutes on the bike were legs were super sore. After the first hour, I realized that my legs were more tired than I hopped of the bike and got some food. This is one of the benefits of riding on a can eat and ride and not worry about crashing! I finished off the rest of the berries and had a couple handfuls of macadamia nuts (remember, I'm not counting calories). This was enough to get me going again and I was able to get another hour + on the bike.

Dinner consisted of grilled salmon, mashed cauliflower, and salad…and some more nuts afterwards.

More Low-Carb Info

I am still reading Grain Brain. It's building an even bigger case against eating too many carbs. My concern remains that it will become exceedingly difficult to train without a sufficient amount of carbs.  If I stick with Vinnie Tortorich's plan of "no sugar and no grains" I can still get carbs from fruits, vegetables and legumes. The question remains, how many carbs do I need???  My experiment will hopefully help me figure this out.

I was discussing Grain Brain with a co-worker and he commented that he and his wife sort of do "paleo". I've heard about this diet, but figured it was just another trend. After a little research, I realized that Paleo is just another type of low-carb way of eating. Paleo, Atkin's, Grain Brain, and Fitness Confidential are more or less all preaching the same message… your body wasn't meant to run on processed foods, sugars and grains.

After getting a better understanding of Paleo, I Googled "paleo triathlon" and found a lot of information…too much for me to digest right now, but it could be beneficial to learn a little more. Here is a link to a pretty good article...

Beside getting more than my fill of low-carb data, I continued with Day 4 of my experiment…

  • No sugar or grains
  • Not worried about fat or calories
  • No scale (even though I'm very tempted)

Breakfast consisted of 3 links of chicken breakfast sausages and 2 fried eggs. Snack was a grapefruit. Lunch was 1/2 a piece of salmon and a bag of baby carrots. Afternoon snack was 2 hard boiled eggs, followed by some nuts and cheese after I got home from work. Dinner was a salad with left over steak and blue cheese dressing…followed by more nuts (OK, I am really getting into this not counting calories thing).