Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Scale is Beckoning - Experiment Day 5 & 6

Now that I have announced that I am NOT going to weigh myself until Feb 14 all I can do is think about weighing myself. I did get my starting weight last Friday, but that's it…no weighing…no scale dictating my emotions…UGH! I just want a quick peek! My rings are getting loose!!!!

More than a handful?
Experiment Recap

  • No sugar
  • No grains
  • No scale
  • No counting calories

Day 5 (Tuesday)

Breakfast was beans & 2 fried eggs, I had a grapefruit for snack, Shakeology for lunch (sorry, but I didn't have anything prepared and it's low glycemic). My afternoon snack was 2 hard boiled eggs and I had a handful of filberts when I got home. Dinner was a turkey burger, salad with blue cheese dressing and some peas & carrots with grass fed butter.

My workout today was the usual Fleet Feet run. 5 miles. I really, really, really miss running when it's warm. Cold weather is not my thing. On top of that, my run seemed sooooo slow. I could really feel the all the time on the bike.

The only thing I can say about tonight's run is that I was consistent!

Fleet Feet Run by tpengilly at Garmin Connect - Details

Day 6 (Wednesday)

Ok, to be honest about my "handful" of nuts…they are pretty big handfuls and although I am not counting calories, I think I've been going a little overboard. Therefore, today, I dialed it back a notch and didn't go hog wild. I even skipped the cheese today. Here's the recap…

Breakfast was PLAIN Greek yogurt with frozen organic blue berries (I'm dying without my agave syrup). My morning snack was a grapefruit. Lunch was two small, overcooked (oops!) chicken breast fillets. HS texted me today to see why his chicken was so skinny LOL.  My afternoon snack was about 1-2 oz. of filbert nuts. As soon as I got home from work I started dinner so we didn't have to eat after swim practice.

Dinner was beef and broccoli (flank steak and fresh broccoli). Like I said, I'm not counting calories, so this isn't some low calorie dinner I made just for this experiment. This is a dinner I have cooked many, many times for me and HS. The only difference tonight is that I didn't serve it with rice.

Only swam 1,200 yards tonight, but that's OK. We got a chance to work on some really good drills that will hopefully payoff in the summer. My SWOLF score went down too! Lowest score to date…36!