Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Step is Admitting I Have a Problem

OK, I admit it...I love gadgets!

I also admit that I am a HUGE data geek! I love collecting it and analyzing it...even it I'm not always entirely sure what it means ;-) Learning what it all means is part of the fun.

Today I was updating my weight on my Garmin Connect profile (to reflect my starting weight at the beginning of my experiment) and noticed that there are a lot of fields that I could potentially be capturing and tracking. All I need is the Tanita BC 1000 scale...

Note that the weight shown is from 2010 (it's probably fudged LOL)

Body fat? Bone mass? Muscle mass? Metabolic age???

What??? Why do I not have this information?

I need this data!!! I want to know!!!

I would love to be able to track this and see how numbers improve or change as I lose weight. Maybe having this data would help keep me focused on my goal.

Tanita BC-1000 In Depth Review by DC Rainmaker (Great reviewer of all things tri)

Special Section for HS

Valentine's Day? Anniversary? Just because you LOVE me?

Tanita BC-1000 at :-)

That's a lot of money for a scale with no display...but I still want it ;-)

I was just kidding about you getting this for me...I know you just put new batteries in our old, boring, yucky scale that only tells us our weight. You would have no interest in knowing your muscle mass...right? LOL