Friday, January 24, 2014

The Incredible, Edible Egg (Experiment - Day 15)

My sugar and grain free experiment with no calorie counting or scales continues. This morning started with a very Atkins-like breakfast of bacon and eggs. While I may not be counting calories let me just say that this breakfast is only 280 calories…right in the ballpark of my standard meal plan…

2 eggs (70 cal ea) & 2 strips of bacon (70 cal ea)

Since I've started the experiment, I have eaten eggs almost every single day. If it's not fried eggs (in butter) for breakfast, it's hard boiled eggs for snack.  You may think that I am on the path to a Lipitor prescription, but I beg to differ. After reading Grain Brain, I am confident that eating eggs every day is not detrimental to my health!

Check this out this excerpt from Grain Brain...
Still afraid of eating eggs? Not me.

Exercise for the Day

Today is my "off" Friday, so I'll be heading out on a long, slow run in the morning instead of the afternoon. I'm going to program the Garmin for a maximum HR of 138 so this run may take a while :-)