Monday, January 19, 2015

Figuring out TrainingPeaks

I have so much to learn about #TrainingPeaks! I was looking at my 2015 calendar and checking out how all of my Garmin data matched up with my planned workouts and I started wondering what the different colors signified. I figured green meant I completed a planned work out, but some of my completed workouts were showing up yellow or red.

So I went to the TrainingPeaks help center and found the answer...

  • Green: Completed time +- 20% of planned 
  • Yellow: Completed time between 50%-79% or 121-150% of planned 
  • Red: Not completed or Completed time less than 50% of planned time or greater than 150% of planned 

Unfortunately, my swim workouts all show up yellow because TrainingPeaks doesn't count my time on the wall. So, even if spend a full hour in the water, TrainingPeaks only counts my time I am actually MOVING! Boo :-(  

New challenge +James CottaI need to swim 48 minutes in order to get a green box!

My red box on Saturday was because I only ran 10 minutes out of a planned 30 minute workout (life got in the way...had a baby shower to attend and I figured some was better than none).

Heart Rate 

Another thing I am working on setting up is my correct heart rate zones. 

TrainingPeaks has some formulas to automatically figure them out, but I decided to manually change Zone 2 so it was my training zone per Coach K. Unfortunately, I didn't change the other zones, so Zone 3 overlaps part of Zone 2 and my total time in each zone is more than my total time running. Not a big deal... 

Ultimately, I know that I spent an hour and five minutes out of two hours in my correct HR zone. I guess this means that 21 minutes were spent in Zone 3, which is not significantly higher than Zone 2, but I would have preferred to have more time in Z2.

My peak of 175 was after I ate a GU at mile 6. For some reason, as I scraped by teeth across the gel packet to get the last bit of GU out, I started thinking of all of the hands that probably touched the packet in the store...all of the dirty, gross, germ covered hands... YUCK! Anyway, just the thought of this sent my HR up. Another time, I let my mind wander to #vineman and the thought of the actual race shot my HR up again.

Need to remember to think happy thoughts ;-)


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