Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 6 - No Protein

Back down to 145.5 :-)

Today is a "No protein" day. I will do this twice during the two week protocol. Once on day 6 and again on day 13. We'll see how this goes since it is New Year's Eve...we don't have any plans yet, but things could change.

Today's Plan

Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee
Lunch: Bulletproof Iceberg Salad
Dinner: Sweet potato - ginger soup...maybe ;-)


Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee
Lunch: BP Taco Salad
Dinner: Poached eggs on sauteed (sp?) greens (with a little left over pulled pork)

It was a little too cold for a run (just not feeling it) and it was way to windy to ride, so we got on our trainers. It was HS's first Spinervals workout.


I didn't publish my post yesterday, so I can say that I sort of stuck with my plan up until New Year's Eve fun (snacking & drinking) got in the way :-)

I did fix the the soup and it was delicious. Lindsey suggested adding a can of coconut milk, so I did and it made it so nice and creamy.

Woke up today feeling pretty good...however, I decided to skip the scale today just in case last night caused the scale to climb back up. The weight gain wouldn't have been a result of the Bulletproof diet, so it wouldn't be fair to include today's weight.

Today is the start of 2015! #dreamingseason