Saturday, January 10, 2015

Trying to Determine My Race Weight

Every year when I start my "diet", the goal is to get down to my perfect race weight. I have always said 135 is my number, but that is nothing more than pulling a number out of a hat. In college, I tipped the scales at about 125, but I definitely didn't have the muscle I do now. My weight for Barb's Race last year was 142 but I feel it could have been lower (I wasn't a skeleton).  So how do I know what my race weight should be?

Barb's Race 2014 = 142


I've found the following article on that gives you a formula to use based on your body fat percentage...

Racing Weight: How Much Should You Weigh by Matt Fitzgerald

Unfortunately, determining your actual body fat percentage is easier said than done. Yesterday I tried out our home scale. The first time I did it, I forgot to select my gender so it gave me a reading of 15% body fat. I then changed it to female and redid my reading. This time it came back at 28%! I then used our digital fat calipers. This time I came back with a reading of 14.4%...but who knows if that was correct. If I pinched in the wrong place or pinched incorrectly, this number could be garbage too!

I did a quick internet search on how to get an accurate body fat reading and did not find anything promising. According to most options are either incorrect (my plastic calipers) or expensive

The Best (and Worst) Ways to Measure Body Fat by Charlotte Hilton Anderson


Because the body fat measurement methods I have available are highly inaccurate, I decided to use an average based on the highs and lows. For my "Lean Body Mass Goal", I used the low end (13%) of the range for women my age from the article.

So, my goal weight may be as high as 139 (I think this is too high) and as low as 118 (I think this is WAY, WAY too low)...but the average of 130 may be a little more realistic. I guess the only way to know is to actually get to 135 first and see how I feel.

Keeping Track

Last year, I started with a simple spreadsheet, but have since moved my "metrics" into Training Peaks. Below is my weight chart. It may look erratic, but the ups and downs are really a range of 7 lbs. I like seeing this visual and hope to see the yellow line on a slow steady descent :-)

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Special Thanks to HS

One of my guilty pleasures is watching My 600-lb Life. While watching the episode "Zsalynn's Story" I was saddened by the lack of support from her husband. He was HORRIBLE to her...a complete ass! He had a preference for fat women and he resented her getting weight loss surgery to save her life. When she wanted to join a gym, he mocked her and told her to grab a vacuum and work around the house. When he was going out to get something to eat she asked for a salad and he said he wouldn't buy her a salad, that if she wanted to eat grass she could graze in the yard. So sad.

This episode made me even more thankful for HS! I'm sure Zsalynn's husband never expected his fat wife to want to lose weight just as HS never expected his wife to want to do an iron distance triathlon. But HS has embraced my crazy life and supports me at every twist and turn and workout. He also supports all of my diets (which he ends up having to do with me)...and for that...I am so, so, so, so THANKFUL! Thank you for being there for me and for being so supportive, Honey! I love you!!!